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News: The Witcher – Path Of Destiny

Path of Destiny The Witcher
Path of Destiny The Witcher

Competitive 1-5 player card game where players take on the role of well-known characters from the Witcher game franchise. Created by Go On Board who are well known for their previous board game installments in the Witcher franchise, including Old World and Ronin.

In the Path of Destiny, players will follow an iconic story from the Witcher Saga, where they will encounter many challenges and obstacles along the way. And although all of them will make it to the end of the tale, only one player will emerge as the ultimate victor.

Throughout the game, players will encounter Tales that offer narrative and strategic challenges to overcome. But intertwined between these encounters are three main mechanics that the game revolves around. Card drafting allows players to take cards from the board and build up their strategy and master hand management. Both of these will prepare them for the branching storyline that they’ll travel along with other players.

But, how is the victor determined? After completing three rounds, the game will arrive at an epilogue. At which point cards will reveal determining factors and in turn announce which character emerges as the ultimate victor.

From the preview on the Gamefound platform, there are two pledge options on offer, the Standard Pledge and the Deluxe Pledge. However, as we get closer to the launch date, we’re likely to see more content revealed. So what can you expect to receive in the base game?

Standard Pledge:

  • 5 Player Boards
  • 5 Character Standees
  • 1 Solo Automa Card
  • 72 Large Tale cards
  • 157 Cards
  • 12 Small Cards
  • 30 Wooden Markers
  • 237 Cardboard tokens

Deluxe Pledge:

All of the content from the standard pledge

  • 5 Double-layered player boards
  • 5 Character Miniatures
  • 5 Character Scoring Miniatures
  • 3 Tale Tuck-Boxes

Thankfully there isn’t long to wait until the Path of Destiny Gamefound campaign page goes live, with the start date announced as 19th of October. If you want to find out more about the game and get your hands on some early content, follow the campaign on Gamefound now to receive an exclusive Geralt and Roach miniature for free. But in the meantime, why not tell us who your favourite character from the Witcher series is? You can let us know by using the @zatugames tag on any social media.