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NEWS: Street Fighter 6

street fighter 6
street fighter 6

Capcom Supports The FCG With A $2,000,000 Prize Pool

If you are a fan of Street Fighter you may or may not know about the Fighting Game Community (FGC). For the last 25-30 years the FGC has mainly been ran by, and funded by, members of the community.

In the last couple of years however, Capcom has been trying to improve it’s input in the FGC and over the last 9 years has ran a Worldwide competition called Capcom Cup. At the Capcom Cup the top 32 players from around the world fight it out to be crowned the Capcom Cup Champion and receive the winner’s prize cheque. This year it was a not too shabby $300,000 between all 32 players and $120,000 to the winner.

Next year however, to celebrate the release of Street Fighter 6, Capcom has announced that they will be putting forward a grand prize fund of $2,000,000 for the Capcom Cup and the winner will become a millionaire (well in the US anyway) with $1,000,000 (roughly £826,000 in the UK at the current exchange rate) going to the winner. That’s not a typo…a million dollars!!

This brings Street Fighter much more in line with the other big online games, such as, League of Legends (LoL) and Fortnite. Although, of course the fanbases for these games is much bigger so the prize money offered for these games is likely to stay higher in the future. It is amazing to see one of my favourite games receive such big support from the developers. Seems like Capcom is really trying to make Street Fighter 6 the best it can be both in game and in the competitive scene.

This is sure to bring out many competitors from other fighting games, such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Smash Brothers and others… Will you be entering? With a million dollars on the line I might even try myself even though I am terrible at the game. See you online guys!