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Letters From Whitechapel Review

letters from whitechapel

An Enthralling Chase Through History

Welcome to the dark and intriguing world of Letters from Whitechapel, a gripping board game by Fantasy Flight Games. Set in Whitechapel during the chilling era of Jack the Ripper, this game immerses players in the thrilling pursuit of one of history's most notorious killers. Prepare to step into the shoes of either the cunning Jack or the determined investigators as we dive into the game's set up, gameplay mechanics, and my final thoughts.

Game Set-Up

The game components of Letters from Whitechapel are visually stunning and evoke the eerie atmosphere of Victorian London. The game board portrays the streets of Whitechapel, with each location marked by numbered circles. The detailed miniatures of investigators and Jack himself add a touch of authenticity to the game. The set-up is relatively straightforward, with players choosing their roles and placing their tokens accordingly. The rulebook provides clear instructions and examples, ensuring a smooth start to the game. Once everyone has their help cards and “Jack” is set up peering from behind their screen, this sets the stage for the tense cat-and-mouse game.

How The Game Plays

Letters from Whitechapel offers a unique gameplay experience that expertly captures the essence of Jack the Ripper's notorious crimes. As Jack, your objective is to commit murders and escape the clutches of the investigators. Meanwhile, the investigators must meticulously search for clues in the hopes to deduce Jack's whereabouts. The game is played over four nights, with each night divided into two phases: the dread phase and the hunt phase.

During the dread phase, Jack secretly chooses a numbered location as his hideout (this will stay the same each night), Jack then must secretly choose who they are going to murder with the help of the white tokens (all blank but one). The investigators, unaware of Jack's selection, must also secretly place where they are going to start with the help of the black tokens (one hiding each of the investigators colours and the rest blank). Already tension is set as each side are trying to out bluff the other.

Once the dread phase ends and Jack reveals where the murder has been committed, the hunt phase begins, during which the investigators reveal where their officers are, making Jack either sigh with relief or start sweating and have to excuse themselves to put on more deodorant! Jack silently moves from one location to another, noting down the numbered markers they move through to represent his path. The investigators, armed with limited resources and intuition, must search for clues to try and pick up trail and Jack's true location.

Letters from Whitechapel strikes a balance between accessibility and depth. The game mechanics are relatively easy to grasp, making it suitable for both seasoned gamers and newcomers to the genre. However, the game's complexity lies in the intricate decision-making required by both Jack and the investigators. Jack must carefully plan their routes and mislead their pursuers, while the investigators must coordinate their efforts, anticipate Jack's moves, and deploy their limited resources strategically. Although the learning curve might be steeper for novice players, the game rewards perseverance and strategic thinking.

One of the strongest aspects of Letters from Whitechapel is its replayability. The dynamic nature of the game ensures that no two sessions are alike, as Jack must adapt their strategy to the investigators' evolving tactics, and vice versa. The hidden movement mechanic and the ever-present tension create a sense of anticipation and excitement that entices players to return to the game time and again.

The game shines when it comes to player interaction. As Jack, you'll relish the opportunity to outwit your opponents, leaving them second-guessing and filled with suspicion. Conversely, the investigators must collaborate and share information to narrow down Jack's location, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the investigators. The game offers plenty of room for bluffing, deduction, and psychological warfare, leading to intense and engaging interactions throughout.

Fantasy Flight Games has done an excellent job in terms of component quality. The wooden miniatures are well-designed and sturdy, while the board and tokens are made from durable materials. The rulebook is also well-designed, providing comprehensive explanations and examples with images. The only minor drawback is the insufficient number of “baggies”, one is provided but this means that most pieces are just rattling around in the box.

Final Thoughts

Letters from Whitechapel is an enthralling and immersive board game that successfully captures the suspense and intrigue of the hunt for Jack the Ripper. With its striking artwork, dynamic gameplay mechanics, and high replayability, the game offers an experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats. The strategic decision-making, intense player interaction, and the atmospheric theme make the game a must-have for fans of deduction and hidden movement games.