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Green Stuff Review

green stuff

It's time to add more incredible elements to your models, to make them stand out even more and claim more attention on the board. It's time for green stuff.

Green stuff is a two part epoxy putty that is the best and easiest way to add some fun details to your models to make them stand out even more when they are brought to the battlefield. Initially green stuff is daunting to use and can seem like another difficult challenge but with some quick experience you will see how easy it is to use the green stuff to add onto all of your models.

As it is a two part epoxy putty green stuff is formed out of two separate parts being blue and yellow. The blue part is used as the hardener which makes the final green stuff set and the yellow stuff is used as a filler that gives the material needed to mould into different shapes. When combining the two depending on the amount you combine affects how the final green stuff comes together, the more blue you add the quicker the mould will set but the harder it will be to mould it into whatever shape you wish, whereas if you add more yellow it will be harder to let the mould set but very easy to manipulate to how you wish it to be. For the best experience cut a straight line in the two strips of blue and yellow and combine the amount as it is packaged to create the best combination for moulding easily whilst letting it set.

When you have the green and blue pieces you mix them together until you have a green ball at which point your green stuff is made and you may use it to shape into multiple shapes and create cool features on your models. The process is really easy to do and will allow you to then go on to create a lot of awesome pieces for your models, from chainmail, to cloaks to fur you can make a lot of awesome things for your models.

After all the green stuff has set onto your models, make sure they are left for a fair amount of time, I would suggest not messing with it for at the minimum a day, this will make sure the mould has fully set. Once this has happened painting the green stuff it is like painting the model itself you can use your normal brushes and normal paint.

Overall green stuff is a great addition to any hobbyist arsenal allowing them to do some incredible things with all of their models, so do not hesitate in buying the best tool to change your models forever.