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What the gamers are saying: Evolution

Spotlight - Evolution

Evolution is a popular board game here at Zatu but we wanted to know what other gamers really thought about it. To do so, we headed back onto Reddit and asked our friends on the board game discussion board to share their opinions.

Here's what they had to say about North Star Game's creation...

The Good

Chayashida says:

"It's one of the best gateway-plus games that can play up to six players. I like the game balance - predators won't automatically win the game."

Amish_Rabbi says:

"I think it is an amazing game, particularly the climate version. It is very easy to teach but has a lot of depth with figuring out how to combo your cards and species. The art is spectacular and the components are just as good with the double layer player boards (no cubes moving about ala terraforming mars) and the food bags."

lastalchemist77 says:

"Evolution is by far the greatest game that simulates the evolutionary process. I know because I searched for a game that fit that title for 15 years. I played everything from Quirks to Dominant Species, and every other evolutionary themed game in between. Evolution plays fast, and is very strategic. Much like the process of Evolution your strategy in the game must evolve to match the habitat your species find themselves in."

sixsidepentagon says:

"Love it. The mechanics are very tight. It's very easy to learn, but there's a lot to master. There's elements of overall strategy, engine building, bluffing, getting in your opponents heads, etc. Also it plays rather fast, which is great for folks like me who don't have much time for board games nowadays. Finally, the theme comes out very strong, the ecosystem of the game is very much alive and constantly adapting in an organic way (i.e. the rules don't force the theme on you, it just happens as part of playing well). This leads to a great narrative with each game. One of my favourites of all time!"

In The Middle

Spinyish says:

"It's alright. There's not enough combos in the base game to avoid repetition, and once you're behind there's very little you can do to catch up. If a player has positioned themself well, the last 1/3 of the game can be just going through the motions. The quick revision of the card deck was also unfortunate for those who purchased the first edition.

"The positive is that the mechanics, in general, do work, and the game has the best art in my collection, hence it still gets pulled out a couple of times a year. However, I wouldn't recommend it over a great number of games in the same price range."

Greedybogle says:

"I like Evolution a lot. There are lots of ways to be successful - I've seen players who spam lots of little species to improve their hand size and build from there, and others who focus on developing just a few really well-developed species. It's fun trying to adapt to other player's strategies, especially playing a Carnivore strategy - it really feels like an arms race, where the Carnivore is running away with the game but always teetering on the point of extinction if its prey can outsmart or outrun it."


"My wife does not like Evolution, and she has some valid criticisms - we see a lot of the same card combos every time we play, and sometimes you wind up stymied because you're just not drawing the cards you need. There aren't a whole lot of creative ways to adapt to a bad hand - it can sometimes feel like there is a single optimal play based on your cards and what the other players are doing, and when you lack meaningful choice on your turn it gets boring fast."

The Bad 

CatTaxAuditor says:

"I strongly dislike the game, but got dragged last time I expressed that on this sub. I've played it a lot and find it too random and there are a some card combos that if they're played early enough you can't catch whoever got them and there's often nothing you can do about it. Many people disagree with me, but this is my experience with the game."

pauljrupp says:

"Survival of the fittest is fine for nature, but it's not good game design. Carnivores have incentive to attack the weakest species, which sets that player back, which makes them weaker, which makes them get attacked more, etc.

"There is a major runaway leader (and spiralling loser) problem in this game; in all three of my plays, there have been one or two people clearly in the lead and one or two people with half as many points as the leader. If you get one or two good defensive cards in your opening hand, you'll be OK; otherwise, prepare for a bad experience."

Interested in Evolution? 

Are you intrigued by what you have read so far? Why not find out for yourself what Evolution is all about by purchasing a copy from our online store today! The standalone game of Evolution: Climate is also available right now!