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A Closer Look at The City of Kings Expansions

The City of Kings - Expansions Overview

The City of Kings was a huge success on Kickstarter in 2018. It's renowned for challenging puzzles and combat, alongside captivating storytelling. The City of Kings is a highly rated co-operative RPG. However, the fantastic stories and thrilling combat doesn’t stop there.

The City of Kings also has a wide selection of expansion packs. Let’s look at the different stories and characters these packs have to offer.

Ancient Allies: Side Quest Pack 1

Side quests are a great way to gain extra experience points for heroes! If your party is not quite strong enough to take on a mission, take a trip to the quest hub! You will find yourself unlocking abilities and gaining stats much quicker when utilising side quests.

Side Quest Pack 1 unlocks 50 new and exclusive side quest cards. Within these 50 new quests, there are two new types of quests never seen before in The City of Kings.

The new ‘build’ quests add extra dice rolling and recourse interaction. Build quests allows players to roll the dice in a gamble to see how much they can build. Help guards rebuild battle-worn watch towers, or aid civilians in mending their carts. Roll the dice and press your building abilities!

The other new quest type introduced are the ‘get to’ quests. These quests interact with NPCs, by tasking heroes to travel to a specific area of the board. Travel to the designated location on the map to retrieve information from friends or look out for missing civilians.

A bigger variety of side quests mean you are more likely to be successful in gaining extra experience points. Side quests are a great way to become more immersed in the stories and lore of The City of Kings.

Hero Pack

The City of Kings Hero Pack contains six exclusive miniatures which represent each playable base game hero. The Hero Pack enhances the physical immersion of the game, with high-quality miniatures comparable to the likes of Games Workshop. Paint the heroes to your liking, made easier with the high-quality attention to sharp details.

With a huge focus on heroes and the movement of your party, the miniatures allow this important aspect of the game to really come to life on the game board! Calamis Earthshaker (the gigantic rock man) takes up a lot of game board space… He literally towers over the other heroes.

Although miniatures and giant behemoths are an odd combination, fun details like this really help players to embody the spirit of the heroes they play!

The set is very well packaged, keeping all the miniatures in a great condition. Overall, the Hero Pack is a great added extra for those who really want to bring the game to life.

Character Pack 1: Yanna & Kuma

Protectors of the forest assemble with the union of Yanna and Kuma! Together, their ancient powers form a mighty fellowship like no other. Do not be fooled by the sweet appearance of Yanna, for its power lies within the ancient roots of the world and flowers into a potent force. Yet the highlight of Yanna is its abilities to command a pet wyvern! Following the same earthy theme, the tremendously strong, yet stealthy, Kuma harnesses the power of his animal kindred.

Both Yanna and Kuma can be trained into any role. Whether this be attacker, defender, healer or trader. This creates plenty of replay-ability and countless ways to approach these characters. The pack also contains highly detailed miniatures of the new characters, enhancing the overall experience of the game.

Once again, the corruption of Vesh stalks the land, as the trees weep and the creatures of the forest cry out for help. Character Pack 1 adds three new stories, two bosses, and a variety of new creature abilities to combat. It is your mission to save mother-nature and stop Vesh’s plans to capture and control a nest of wyverns. You must protect and raise the them yourself. After all, there is no better way to defend The City of Kings than with an army of wyverns!

Protecting the creatures and land from the evils of Vesh is not an easy task. Feeding and handling a brood of ravenous wyverns also proves to be a heart-warming challenge. Character Pack 1 certainly matches the difficulty of The City of Kings base game, so be prepared to fall before you succeed.

This pack captures the remarkable beauty of fantasy worlds and nature, whilst reinforcing a significant message of caring for the world beyond the walls of our cities! This certainly makes it one of the best expansions of The City of Kings!

Character Pack 2: Rapui & Neoba

Character Pack Two unlocks two new and unique characters, the tinker siblings, Rapuil and Neoba. Rapuil is comparable to an engineer class, being able to wield resources to perform her powerful abilities. Whereas Neoba can be summarised as an elemental wizard, specialising in poison, fire and frost skills.

This follows includes similar content to the first character pack. This pack contains the following.

  • Two new character sheets and miniatures.
  • Three new stories.
  • Two bosses.
  • A pet.
  • Ability tokens.

Together, the tinker siblings venture to The City of Kings to gift aid with their mechanical abilities. Accompanied by Rapuil’s best friend, the colossal turtle with a catapult on its back, they certainly make a scene!

As tinkerers, you will need to use the resources around you to build your powerful abilities. Rapuil uses the common resources, such as wood and ore, to gain various bonuses. Use ore to gain extra damage on attacks, or fish to enhance the power of your heals.

Neoba absorbs and wields the elemental tokens he generates. The element absorbed determines the ability. By engulfing himself in fire, Neoba can deal greater damage. Alternatively, become the master of ice with the ability to immediately travel to any space covered with frost.

Despite their unique abilities, they can still be trained into performing the base roles of attacker, defender etc. However, with their advanced abilities, Rapuil and Neoba are ideal for experienced players of The City of Kings. Especially Neoba’s elemental abilities which could greatly damage fellow heroes.

This pack is ideal for those City of Kings players who are looking for an unorthodox experience. If you have got to grips with the base game and want to shake it up, then Rapuil and Neoba will be a great addition to your party.

Final Thoughts - City of Kings Expansions

Each expansion adds so much choice and customisation for The City of Kings experience. Any hero pack can be used within the base game missions and stories. Similarly, base game characters can be used within the expansion stories. This allows for plenty of party customisation. As a result, every mission can be approached in a different way each time!

Every expansion guarantees a new challenge and fresh ways to enjoy The City of Kings! With a growing game as fantastic as The City of Kings, we can expect more great content from the developers in the future.

Developer, Frank West, is keen on supporting The City of Kings community, and is always contactable via Facebook and forums. Not only does Frank assist on rule clarifications but he also supports community content. Miniature painting contests and sharing custom made missions is all a part of the community fun.