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Black Templar Citadel Contrast Paint Review

black templar paint splat

Paint It Black

Welcome back to our citadel paint test series. As always, I’ll be scrutinizing individual paint colours from the citadel range and seeing what makes them pop on a model. Finally, I’ll be applying the paint to three different base colours and comparing the results so you can see exactly what effects you can expect from different combinations. In this review, I’ll be placing one of Citadel's contrast paints, ‘Black Templar’, in the line of fire to see how it holds up.

Although there has recently been a new line of contrast paints released, ‘black templar’ falls under the original line released years ago. Nonetheless, this paint provides the perfect entry point for painters who are looking for quick results with minimal effort.

Looking at the pot of paint itself, it appears to be darker than night itself. When holding it up to a light, nothing shines though, which gives the sense that a few coats of this will create a perfect black surface. Best of all, where you would normally need to water down a black layer paint, two or three coats of this will give the perfect result, it just might take a little longer to dry. As with all contrast paints, you get a generous 18mls of paint which is already thin enough to apply straight to a model.

When it comes to the following test, I have a suspicion that there will be very few differences in the result. The pigment of the paint seems to be quite dark, so I can see the silver being overrun by the colour, and the grey complimenting the dark shade.

Time To Test!

You know the drill. To showcase and compare a variety or results. I’ll be applying two coats of the black templar paint to a white, grey and silver base; and leaving them to dry for 12 hours before comparing.

Corax White Base

Although there isn’t much to be said when all three are compared, I can see that the white on raised edges has highlighted the black. Giving off a dry brushed style without any work. Altogether, the two coats have come out very smoothly and the shade of black looks very prominent.

Mechanicus Standard Grey Base

It goes without saying that the grey base has provided the best results with this black contrast paint. The colour is deep and rich, whilst being smooth on flat surfaces. The only thing that’s different from the white base is the highlighting of raised edged, but that can easily be achieved with a dry paint brushed lightly over the base. This is definitely your best base paint option for black templar.

Runefang Silver Base

I was quite disappointed to see a lack of silver or metallics shining through the coats of black paint; but I wasn’t surprised. The pigment for this particular paint seemed so dark that I couldn’t imagine any of the shine breaking through the layers one they’d dried. Honestly, I would give the silver base coat a miss when combining with this contrast. If for any reason, you’ll have wasted a perfectly good layer of metallic paint.

Final Thoughts

It was of no surprise that the results were almost exactly the same, as the shade of this black paint is so incredibly dark. However, I had expected more of the metallic base layer.

As I mentioned earlier, a grey base coat followed by two coats of black templar contrast is your best bet for a smooth rich black surface. If you don’t have grey paint to hand, a white base is a very strong second option.

So that brings us to the end of this paint test, and although I knew what the outcome would be, I was still surprised by the silver basecoat. I’d love to know what you think of these results, which result was your favourite?

That concludes our thoughts on the Citadel Contrast Black Templar Paint. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts and tag us on social media @zatugames. To buy the Citadel Contrast Black Templar Paint today click here!