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Best Unmatched Duos

unmatched logo

Since its initial release in 2019, ‘Unmatched’ by Restoration Games has become a firm favourite among gamers. Imagine a world where Little Red Riding Hood encounters the legendary Bigfoot on a foggy night in old London Town. It’s a game series that pits famous characters from literature, mythology and movies against one another to see who comes out on top as the undefeated champion.

Part of the fun that ‘Unmatched’ has to offer is the chance to create some amazing team-ups in a 3 player or 4 player game. Players can find the rules for ‘Team Play’ mode at the back of the game rules booklet. The players make up two teams of heroes and duke it out until their opponents team is defeated. It’s one big sandbox where you can make your dream team-ups come true.

So let’s dig into our top tips for some successful teams to try out…


Robin Hood & The Velociraptors

(Taken from the games ‘InGen vs Raptors’ and ‘Robin Hood vs Bigfoot’)

Why does this team-up work? Well for starters Robin Hood is a ‘Ranged’ hero so he can attack any player in his zone without needing to be adjacent to them (unlike the ‘Melee’ heroes). This ability immediately makes any player a threat! But wait, what’s that in the bushes? An outlaw? A Velociraptor? With three dinos speeding around the board working together as a pack and a small army of Robin’s outlaws around every corner, this is a fantastic team-up for backing your opponents into a corner and blocking off their escape! Now that’s a clever girl!

Little Red Riding Hood & Jekyll/Hyde

(Taken from the games ‘Beowulf vs Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Cobble & Fog’)

Do you want to play the long game? Are you more of a strategist than a combative kind of player. These two Unmatched heroes are all about playing your hand carefully and patiently. By putting the right cards into Little Red’s basket you can boost the effectiveness of cards you play by using their special ability (so long as the card symbol matches the one in the basket!). Playing your cards wisely makes Little Red a feisty character. On the other hand, Dr Jekyll can choose to turn into the sinister Edward Hyde at just the right time to lose his medically minded calm and unleash the beast on his opponents. Then when he has regained his composure he can do research to heal himself. It may take some strategy to time your actions right but when it works, these two make a formidable duo… or is that trio???

Daredevil & Bigfoot

(Taken from the games ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Robin Hood vs Bigfoot’)

“Coming through!!!” So the opposing team have blocked you in. You can’t move… it’s the end of the line and there’s no escape. That needn’t be the case for you as both of these characters are able to push through their opponents, dealing damage as they go. Use your cards to move through spaces containing opposing fighters at ease. This ability extends to Bigfoots sidekick, the Jackalope, who butts past opponents with his mighty horns. No one’s keeping this team down!

trex sherlock

Sherlock Holmes & The T-Rex

(Taken from the games ‘Dr Sattler. vs T-Rex’ and ‘Cobble & Fog’)

There’s something strangely satisfying about pairing up the cunning intellect of Sherlock Holmes with the brute strength of Jurassic Parks top power house. Using his detective and disguising abilities, Sherlock can swap places with his opponents to move quickly around the board deducing their cards and changing their printed values, whilst Dr Watson can use his ‘Ranged’ ability against the other team. Not only that but neither Holmes nor Watson can have their effects cancelled. This pairs up nicely with the, inevitability, slow moving but heavy hitting T-Rex and its extremely high Health value which can be used to keep your team in the game for longer. Why not play a nice thematic game and use the Baskerville Manor map for this match… just don’t expect the T-Rex to fit through the secret passages!

With over 30 playable Unmatched characters available it’s safe to say that these team-ups are just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. There are so many choices, so many possibilities; the fictional world is your oyster and it would be impossible to list them all! So whether you love your books, your comics, your movies or your mythology why not check out the Unmatched franchise today and try some team-ups of your own!