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Gold Award

Pete Douglas

I have been board gaming since I was young but with memories of playing classics like Cluedo, Sorry mad Escape from Atlantis. However, modern boardgaming has only been on the table for about 3 years.
My favourite games are either semi cooperative with a strong theme and a quality traitor mechanic or a solid mid heavy euro.
I am also one of South Yorkshire's Hairy Game Lords
Outside of gaming I am a husband and dad and I work with Children in Care to make sure they are making the most of their education.
I Love music and have a real soft spot for 90's indie and anything with an edge of alternative British folk.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Essen 2019 - Queenz Preview

Essen 2019 – Queenz Preview

Pete Douglas 17/10/2019

Queenz is a game all about flowers, bees and the beekeeper. Can you grow the right combinations of flowers in your field?

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Essen 2019 - Slyville Game Preview

Essen 2019 – Slyville Preview

Pete Douglas 16/10/2019

Slyville, by Hexy Studio, is a great game of backstabbing, sly shenanigans for 3-5 people. You play a guild master, operating in the city of Slyville!

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Essen Games - No Swap No Pay Preview

Essen 2019 – No Swap No Pay Preview

Pete Douglas 14/10/2019

No Swap No Pay, by Olivier Cipiere and Mandoo Games, is a fun little filler. It comes full of pirate loot, bluffing and bag building.

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Tranquility Interview with Board Game Hub

Tranquility Q&A with Board Game Hub

Pete Douglas 09/10/2019

We had the chance to speak with Peter Hazlewood from Board game Hub ahead of the release of James Emmerson’s first game Tranquility.

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Men at Work Board Game Review

Men at Work Review

Pete Douglas 09/10/2019

Men at Work is a brilliantly fun, action dexterity game for 2-6 players set on a building site. It's designed by Rita Model and published by Pretzel Games.

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Insider Board Game Review

Insider Review

Pete Douglas 08/10/2019

Insider by Oink Games is a brilliant, social deduction, party game for 4-8 players. It's guaranteed to get a group talking, laughing and debating.

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Mob Sitters Kickstarter Preview

Mob Sitters Kickstarter Preview

Pete Douglas 07/10/2019

Mob Sitters, by East Street Games, is a brilliant take that style, party card game where you are trying to make as much cash as possible.

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Witless Wizards Review

Witless Wizards Review

Pete Douglas 26/07/2019

Witless Wizards, by Drawlab Entertainment, is a fantasy themed, fun and fast card game with mystical lashings of take that and push your luck.

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Daniel Alexander Interview

Q&A with Daniel Alexander of Intrepid Games – Part Two

Pete Douglas 15/07/2019

In a special two-part interview, we speak to Daniel Alexander of Intrepid Games. In part two we learn more about Lander and a unique pre-KS plan.

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Intrepid Games Interview - Lander

Q&A with Daniel Alexander of Intrepid Games – Part One

Pete Douglas 11/07/2019

In a special two-part interview, we speak to Daniel Alexander of Intrepid Games. In part one we discuss his gaming history and upcoming game, Lander!

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