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Gold Award

Pete Douglas

I have been board gaming since I was young but with memories of playing classics like Cluedo, Sorry mad Escape from Atlantis. However, modern boardgaming has only been on the table for about 3 years.
My favourite games are either semi cooperative with a strong theme and a quality traitor mechanic or a solid mid heavy euro.
I am also one of South Yorkshire's Hairy Game Lords
Outside of gaming I am a husband and dad and I work with Children in Care to make sure they are making the most of their education.
I Love music and have a real soft spot for 90's indie and anything with an edge of alternative British folk.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Paris New Eden Review

Pete Douglas 05/05/2020

Paris New Eden, by Ludovic Maublanc and Florian Grenier from matagot games is a beautiful looking, dice drafting city building game for 2-4 players, set in a strangely wonderful post-apocalyptic Paris.

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Ark Awakening Feature

Ark Awakening Q&A

Pete Douglas 04/05/2020

Ark Awakenings is now available to pre-order. Check out our Q&A with the creators of this space based engine building game!

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Trophies Feature

Trophies Review

Pete Douglas 04/05/2020

Trophies is great as a fast filler for an established games group but would be a hit at Christmas or any other party with a large family or work’s group.

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Ditic Feature

Ditic Reviews

Pete Douglas 01/05/2020

Despite the simple aesthetic and appeal, in DiTiC, Dan has created a game that deserves a place on everyone's game shelf.

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Fallen Angels Feature

Fallen Angels Preview

Pete Douglas 01/05/2020

Fallen Angels looks and feels great, it is a clever little game and if you like a game of real, not social deduction and enjoy a game that requires puzzle solving and use of logic, this is a game for you.

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Planet Unknown Feature

Planet Unknown Q&A

Pete Douglas 29/04/2020

Adam's Apple Games are going from strength to strength. Their latest game Planet Unknown adds a lazy susan spin to the tile laying genre.

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Planet Unknown Feature

Planet Unknown Preview

Pete Douglas 20/04/2020

Planet Unkown is a brilliant twist on the polyominoes mechanic. Through the innovative use of the centre piece of the game, the lazy Susan, players experience little or no downtime making this deep and tactical game so much faster than its competitors.

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Escape Tales Feature

Escape Tales: Low Memory Review

Pete Douglas 18/04/2020

Escape Tales: Low Memory was a brilliant experience and one I will be trying again with their other titles. It’s mix of gaming styles, beautifully woven story and clever little puzzles works so well.

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They Live Feature

They Live! Q&A

Pete Douglas 15/04/2020

They Live is based on the John Carpenter cult classic. We speak to Iconiq games about how they turned the film into a board game.

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Houses of Knowledge Feature

Houses of Knowledge Q&A

Pete Douglas 15/04/2020

Houses of Knowledge sees you battle it out with other museum curators to gather the best exhibits for your displays. We talk to the creator here!

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