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Silver Award

Nick Welford

I discovered the world of modern board games when I happened upon King of Tokyo in a book shop. I was so taken with the art work and premise of the game that I immediately purchased it. That was the start of the rabbit hole and since that day I have developed acquisition disorder, started a YouTube channel and been lucky enough to start freelancing in the industry. I’ll play most things but find myself leaning towards more complicated games as my nine-year-old beats me at everything else.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Heat Review

Nick Welford 10/03/2023

Whoosh! It's getting hot in here... Sorry. I couldn't resist. Heat is a banger of a game and here we are going to find out why!

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secret identity

Secret Identity Review

Nick Welford 24/02/2023

Have you ever stolen someone's identity? I hope not. Anyways. Secret Identity is a great party game that has nothing to do with that...

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bag of chips

Bag Of Chips Review

Nick Welford 09/02/2023

If you're British, you're shouting at your screen. Bag of Crisps for us over here thanks! Bag of Chips is a pretty cool game though...

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chicken vs hotdog

Chicken Vs Hotdog Review

Nick Welford 31/01/2023

Get flinging, flipping and chicken-ing in Chicken vs Hotdog. Who doesn't love a good old fashioned bottle flip competition?

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golem board game

Golem Board Game Review

Nick Welford 18/11/2022

Prague, 1584. My preciousss, Golem requires you to use your knowledge to get to the end and away from Golem!

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best board games of 2021 ark nova cover

6 Scary Good Games For Any Time Of Year

Nick Welford 24/10/2022

Halloween is a time for all things scary. As I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to the scares I’ve spent my time looking at top games!

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Anchorman Review

Nick Welford 21/09/2022

Are you a fan of Will Ferrell? And a fan of his Anchorman film? Does the game live up to the film? Well take a read and find out for yourself

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Attack of the Mind Flayer

Stranger Things: Attack Of The Mind Flayer Review

Nick Welford 23/08/2022

An army of possessed people coming to invade earth..? Play Stranger Things: Attack of the Mind Flayer and stop this from happening!

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Wingspan Board Game Review

Wingspan Review

Nick Welford 27/07/2022

The highly anticipated Wingspan tasks you with collect birds. The beautifully illustrated cards will then improve your actions the rest of the game.

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Unmatched Jurassic park

Unmatched: Jurassic Park – Pre Order Today!

Nick Welford 12/07/2022

Restoration Games Unmatched series is a reboot of the older game Star Wars Epic Duels. And now we're tackling dinosaurs!

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