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Natalie M

I like racketball, cycling, running, and scrambling up mountains. I love a project and get bored with tv. I have two grown up children and a husband who unfortunately won’t play board games. I enjoy creative writing and nature. I have far too many hobbies to fit in but I give it a good go!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Everdell Newleaf New Cards

Natalie M 22/06/2023

There's a few newbies in town! In Everdell Newleaf there are an amazing variety of new exciting cards that are different to the rest.

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tricks of the trade

Tricks Of The Trade The Grand Carnival

Natalie M 27/03/2023

Step right up, step right up! The Tricks of the Trade that you MUST know about are right here in this blog, so take a dive in and read.

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wingspan europe birds

Wingspan Europe Birds

Natalie M 14/03/2023

This blog will take us through some of the birds that we can find in Wingspan European Expansion in a little more detail than usual.

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grand carnival

How To Play The Grand Carnival

Natalie M 20/02/2023

It’s that time of year again – the carnivals have arrived in Littleton and each one wants to be the biggest and best in town. Grand Carnival!

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relic runners

Relic Runners Review

Natalie M 24/01/2023

Exploit and acquire relics unearthed in long lost parts of the jungle in Relic Runners. POV: the jungle is the board...

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the grand carnival

The Grand Carnival Review

Natalie M 11/01/2023

Step right up, step right up! Carnival is back in town. This year, we need to create the best carnival in town - The Grand Carnival!

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How To Play Paperback

Natalie M 27/12/2022

How do you finish novels for your editor in the right way? All kinds of novels that is... In Paperbacl, that is your main goal.

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games for non gamers - codenames

Top 5 Games For Non Gamers In Your Life

Natalie M 23/11/2022

Having people in your life who don't enjoy board games is a big shock to the system! There are ways around it though - 5 games for non gamers

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game of the month - everdell

Everdell – A Deep Dive Into The Cards

Natalie M 15/11/2022

This article is about the cards in Everdell that I never play, and why. Find out here how to maximise your next game.

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Top Five Games To Get Your Teenagers Talking To You

Natalie M 25/10/2022

Ever get a bit fed up with your teenagers short replies to everything you ask them? Here are our top games to engage with the family.

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