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Alex Chase

A committed video gamer since discovering the first Civilization on Dad’s PC, I only came to modern board games relatively recently. Before that, I loved Monopoly and Cluedo but didn’t realise the sheer breadth of theme and incredible quality that abounds in board gaming. When not gaming either on console or table top, I am something of a history buff and love old movies, as well as playing an active part on and offstage at the local theatre. Married, with cats.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

god of war ragnarok

God Of War Ragnarok Review

Alex Chase 13/06/2023

God of War Ragnarok. You've heard the name before, you was excited for the hype, but is it truly that good?

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micro dojo

Micro Dojo Review

Alex Chase 14/03/2023

In Micro Dojo you are one of two Daimyo (feudal lords of Edo period Japan) tasked by the Shogun to bring prosperity to a small town.

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merchants & marauders

Merchants & Marauders Review

Alex Chase 19/01/2023

Dive into the world of sailing when playing Merchants & Marauders. Travel back in time from the 21st Century to a world of pirates!

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Trivial Pursuit Review

Trivial Pursuit Review

Alex Chase 16/01/2023

Is Trivial Pursuit worth your time? Well maybe it’s because I’ve grown up playing it but I really do love this game.

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King Of Monster Island Review

King Of Monster Island Review

Alex Chase 03/01/2023

Is King Of Monster Island worth buying? If you have King Of Tokyo and are looking for something similar then yes!

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the arrival

The Arrival Review

Alex Chase 19/12/2022

The Arrival, each player takes the role of a tribe leader & tries to hold dominion over the island of Erin while fighting against the Fomori.

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Catacombs 3rd Edition Review

Alex Chase 07/12/2022

Catacombs - the unique tabletop fantasy! Heroes, monsters, fireballs and more (in wooden form of course) are flicked in order to win.

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eclipse 2nd dawn for the galaxy

Eclipse: 2nd Dawn For The Galaxy Review

Alex Chase 17/11/2022

Don't worry, Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy is not as daunting as it may seem, you have the opportunity to explore the galaxy!

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