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What’s On Game Pass September 2023

Game Pass

I’m writing this before the release of Starfield in early August. There’s been waves of anticipation, hype, controversy (if you’ve followed any of the spats on Twitter/X regarding the home page) and a wide range of expectations, as is to be expected with a game of Starfield’s magnitude.

I’m firmly in the, ‘I’m not expecting anything’ camp. If Skyrim and the most recent Fallout games are anything to go by, it would be wise not to expect too much on day one.

That said, if we get the story quality of Skyrim, further improved graphics over Fallout and some strong world-building, which I think is guaranteed, I reckon we’re in for one of those games that we’ll be annoyed with on release and yet buying a copy for every console in the coming years.

I’m excited to learn about the world, I can’t wait to fly and customise my own ship, and of course, I’m looking forward to the exploration.

What are you most looking forward to?

Without further ado, let’s see what games have made it to the Game Pass library this month!

Sea Of Stars

I’ve been waiting for this game ever since it was announced. Classic RPG, check, turn-based combat, check, cute characters and a sweet environment, I’m all set. All of it’s features have been modernised for a new audience of RPG gamers and they’ve done a great job with the mechanics.

This game has a lot of character, the settings are gorgeous to look at and the music has clearly been crafted by someone that cares about the genre. This style of RPG isn’t dead per se, it just requires the player to have played games like this before. It does rely partly on the nostalgia factor and there’s no shame in that.

It’s great to see that the early reviews are positive.

Everspace 2

Are you looking for an Elite: Dangerous light, or maybe a Star Citizen on a console that doesn’t cost the Earth. Look no further than the polished gem that is Everspace 2.

This is a fast-paced spaceship shooter that features engaging exploration both in space and on planets – though you will be strapped into the seat throughout the duration.

There’s plenty of gameplay to keep you going between missions and the crafting system/ship upgrades are familiar and yet somehow different considering you’re permanently in your ship. This doesn’t detract from the game though: the story is genuinely fun, despite it’s simplicity.

The overall production quality of the game is excellent and I think this is the perfect game when you don’t have much time. It’s highly satisfying to play as well.

Other New Additions

What Am I Playing?

I’ve been fishing in Sea of Thieves and have finally achieved Level 50 in the Hunter’s Call, which means I don’t have anything else left to do. I could try Athena’s Fortune, but whenever I’ve attempted to level up in that faction, I’ve met a grisly end on the open seas. I think I’ve reached the point of nothing left to do. Ideas are welcome.

Everspace 2 has been a welcome surprise considering it’s not the kind of game I’d usually play. I’m enjoying the RPG in a spaceship style and have been impressed by the simple, yet addictive, gameplay loop. The graphics are are great and the story is a light-hearted relief after a day at work.

What have you been playing? Let us know on our socials!