Lord of the Rings LCG: Voice of Isengard Expansion

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you could earn 2179 victory points

The Dark Lord’s power grows in the East, and all that stands between him and his conquest of Middle-earth is a missing ring. These are dark times, but there are still some individuals who scour the lands and delve into ancient tomes in search of the knowledge they hope may help them someday oppose the Enemy. Among the mightiest of these is Saruman the White. The Voice of Isengard …
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The Lord of the Rings (LotR), the Card Game is a cooperative, Living Card Game (LCG) published by Fantasy Flight Games. One - two players (or up to four, with two core sets) take control of powerful characters and artifacts. Players will gather allies and coordinate efforts to take on the biggest threats to Middle-earth.

The Voice of Isengard is the third deluxe expansion for the LotR card game, providing players with 165 new cards. The new cards will feature the allies and attachments that show the power of Orthanc and the Rhorrim. Two new heroes are available to players, Éomer and Gríma of Rohan.

Saurons power is growing in the east, only the ring stands between him and a renewed attempt to conquer Middle-earth. Saruman the White labours to uncover knowledge of this, most powerful artifact - so it might be used to oppose the dark lord. In three new scenarios, your heroes will help Saruman acquire knowledge of the enemy, whilst there is still time to use it.

There are six The Ring-Maker scenario packs that will take your band of heroes into the service of Saruman the White, and the White Council. Travel through Dunland and Eriador in search of a means to fight the lord of Mordor, and hinder his plans.

Note: This product is not a standalone adventure. Players will need a copy of The LotR card game: Core set in order to play. The Ring-Maker scenario packs are not required to enjoy The Voice of Isengard, but they will allow you to further the story.

Player Count: 1 - 4
Time: Depending on format 30 - 90 minutes
Age: 14+