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Tension, our top-selling board game, just got better! A riotous race to call out possible solutions to a given subject… but only answers matching the 10 on the card will score! Fast and frustrating but fantastic fun for everyone! Great for involving different generations, this version includes cards that are appropriate for players as young as 8 years old.  
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Tension is a naming game of classic proportions. The game includes loads of questions with 10 given answers to those questions. There may be more answers than are written in those 10 but only the 10 on the card count!

The game suggests playing as two teams of two but can be just as easily played without the scoring board and team rules - just challenge each other and see who knows the most. You only get 1 minute to give as many answers as you can on a subject, therefore the questions are not the most difficult.

The simple rules and wide subject matter make it a great choice for families, or a lightweight trivia starter to your game night.

Tension really is a game of its name as the pressure of the one minute timer can make even the fullest brain empty of all its knowledge. Watching the other players flounder to think of any more ‘fruits’ is almost more fun than winning.

Tension is a game that has aged well, and in the simple rules there is a trivia gem. A game that can be enjoyed by all ages and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

Player Count: 4
Time: 40 Minutes
Age: 10+


Time Is Of The Essence

How good is your general knowledge? How well do you know Evil Presley or Sticky things? Welcome to Tension, a nail biting game of lists and throwing out answers as fast as your brain will work.

Two teams are pitted against each other in duels of Top Ten Lists. Each round, players on the active team must name as many correct answers on the question sheet as they can in 60 seconds. As the active team fires out answers, the question team must mark off every correct answer on the interactive marker pad, and then move the other team’s piece forward that many spaces. The winner is the first team to make it to the end of the track!

The Ultimate ‘Name That’ Game

I just know you’re thinking the same thing as I did when I picked up this game for family night. How hard can it be? Well, turns out I don’t know musicals or food items beginning with A as well as I thought I did. As time ticks away, my mind goes blank and I suddenly lose all memory of an avocado.

And funnily enough, that’s one of the most charming things about this game. You’re looking at your teammates with blank expressions and they’re doing the same in return. But as soon as the other team reads out the answers, you’re kicking yourself for not remembering the simplest of things.

What’s more is that the base game covers so many different topics, themes and genres that every player has their chance to show off a speciality subject whilst not having a clue in others.

Endless Questions

The components inside are quite minimalistic; 2 packs of cards, a scoring device, a timer and a foldable game board. But somehow, this game manages to withstand heaps of playthroughs and still feel fresh and challenging.

The main reason behind this is the cornucopia of quiz cards that come with the game. 200 cards are included with the base game and each one is double sided resulting in 400 challenging topics for players to wrap their heads around. All of which span a variety of genres and generations meaning that grandma can nail the elvis presley round while you take care of the ed sheeran round. Which is incredibly refreshing given that most quiz games become outdated very quickly.

Just As Fun With Three

When we first played Tension, there were only three of us available but we didn’t let that stop us from getting a couple of games in. Two of us took the roles of players while the other became the quiz master and tried to keep up with the flurry of answers. Also, to make the games a bit quicker we added a house rule where once the time had run out on a round, the other team could chime in with answers to score points for themselves; however as soon as a wrong answer was given, the round was finished.

Adding in house rules like this keeps the game refreshing and allows smaller groups of players to tackle the game and have just as much fun.

Top 10 Phrases To Describe This Game

  • Mind Boggling
  • Infuriatingly fun
  • Family friendly
  • Heaps of questions
  • Mind goes blank
  • Fast paced
  • Ultimate replayability
  • Modern questions
  • Perfect for competitive players
  • Brain Buster

Final Thoughts

Tension truly is a hidden gem of a family quiz game. It’s consistently gripping from start to finish and keeps players engrossed throughout. Furthermore, the top 10 fun doesn’t have to stop with the base game, as there are multiple expansions that can be added for more list themed fun!

But with 400 unique topics in the base game, you’ll be working your way through them for quite a while. Which just goes to show how much replayability this game can pack into its retro style box. Needless to say, this has quickly become a family favourite in our house, and as soon as there’s a quiet moment Tension is on the table and the bliss silence is replaced by frantic shouting. Which is far more fun!

Admittedly, there’s nothing I can criticize about this game either, and simply put, this really is a perfect example of a quiz board game. At a very reasonable price, the base game and a couple of expansions can be picked up for less than £50; which is great value for money in this day and age.

So there you have it. My top ten cents on Tension and why I wholeheartedly believe it deserves a place in everyone’s house. But I’d love to know if you’ve played Tension and enjoyed it just as much as I did. Did it make your top ten list? Feel free to let us know by using the @zatugames tag on any social media platform.