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  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

You Might Like

  • A quick quiz with a twist of silliness
  • Loads of questions. Loads
  • Quick and easy to play
  • Sometimes, not knowing the answer helps

Might Not Like

  • Running out of answer cards when there’s loads of you
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(For all those following my limited series (hi Mum!), here is the next instalment of ‘Family Games that Work Quite Well as Responsible Drinking Games’…)

We all love a pub quiz, right? Everyone loves to flaunt the incredibly useful facts that they have accumulated over the years in a grand contest of beer-fuelled knowledge, be it for premium meat, discounted ale or simply bragging rights. But it must be said that sometimes these often alcohol-fuelled bouts result in some rather interesting answers being shouted that in themselves become a source of entertainment.

Consider then the poor unfortunates who have been delegated to drive or have chosen, sensibly, to not partake of the amber nectar for whatever admirable reason they may have. Not for them is the experience of mangling their words or spoonerising their responses in a spectacular fashion.


Until Now…

So Wrong It’s Right (SWIR) is another release from those indefatigable M.L.GZ (Major League Gamerz, if you have to ask) at Format Games aka Matt and Lawrence, a pub quiz with a twist so entertaining that Chubby Checker and the Fat Boys are all over it like maple syrup on a pancake.

Come On, Come On, Even I Know The Answer To This One…

SWIR is first and foremost a quiz. Simple as. It is played by 3 or more players (there’s no upper limit, but seeing as there are a mere 400 question cards available, you’d probably want to cap it at, say, 100 players? I’m jesting.

You should be fine up to about 200.

Each player is given a card with five questions on it Each of these questions has a two word answer. Players take it in turns to be Quiz Master and they ask the next question, in order on the card (so, on the first round, everyone asks question one, the next round question two and so forth). The other players then have to answer that question. Only it’s not quite as simple as that.

This is because, sitting in the middle of the table, shared by all players, is the Answer Pile. You may well know the answer to the question, but the Answer pile determines how the question should be answered – this is the fun bit.

The Answers Come In Five Fruity Flavours:

– Got It – You just say the answer. So, if the question was ‘Who is the baddie in Star Wars: A New Hope?’ You would answer ‘Darth Vader’. Basic. Lubrication Rating: 0. Next!

– Flip It – Here you give the answer but flip the words round to ‘Vader Darth’. Better. Lubrication Rating: 1.

– Switch It – Again, you must give the answer but now switch around the two initial letters, making ‘Varth Dader’. This is more like it! Lubrication Rating: 2.

– Ditch It – We return to giving the answer in the right order, only now we get rid of the two initial letters, making ‘Arth Ader’. I sound like Scooby Doo! Lubrication Rating: 3.

– Not It – This is where you must give anything BUT the right answer. Can you say ‘Luke Skywalker’? I knew you could. Go home, SWIR, you’re drunk. Lubrication Rating: 4,000.

Once you have considered your answer and/or Lubrication Rating, SLAM your hand (SLAM!) upon the answer card and give you answer – if it is correct, take a point (or the card, depending on how many people are playing); if not, lose a point or card. The next player then becomes the Quiz Master and so on until everyone has asked their five questions (this might be tricky when playing with 200 people unless you fancy The Quiz of a Thousand Questions). Whoever has the most points/cards at the end is deemed the winner!


I’ve Started So I’ll Finish…

SWIR is a nice little twist on your common-or-garden quiz format and its open-topped player count means that it makes an ideal ice-breaker, filler or just for fun game. The different ways you need to answer do play on the same part of the brain that Ghost Blitz and Anomia play on, but the added distinction of having to know the answer to adapt it in the first place means that they can be played by people with more knowledge than reflexes (like me) as well.

Having the correct answers in their different forms on the cards means that the Quiz Master doesn’t have to think too much and also cuts down on the arguments that would obviously arise over what the right answer might be – it’s on the card! There are a huge number of questions for such a compact game, so it will keep you going for a while, especially as each player is only dealt out one question card for the duration of the game. Economic!

The question and answer cards are colourful but free of illustration (bah, who needs that!) and the Answer deck could do with being a bit larger, but that is really a minor thing, and people in a pub might not be into the idea of slamming their hand onto the table (slam on table + pints of liquid = massive spillages) but hey! Just don’t slam. Regardless of these very small and surmountable flaws, this is a fun little quiz game with a side hustle in silliness and sensible drinking practices for all.

I don’t know why I find myself doing these articles, but here is another game that had us gathered round the gaming table, on a Friday night, with a few beers, shouting at each other. There were arguments, disputes and an all manner of loud verbal jostling. What more could you want on a cold Friday night in November? So Wrong It’s Right is a quiz game with a twist, the questions are usually simple but the answer you give can be from a possible five, which means even if you know the answer, if you’re not quick enough, you may still be left out in the cold. Let’s get to it then.

The Setup & Early Doors

An Easy Teach and Tongue Twisting Shenanigans!

The setup and teach for So Wrong It’s Right is very quick and simple. Deal all players a question card and shuffle the answer deck, placing it in the center of the table. Pick a person to start and they read out their first question, on top of their card.

Each of these question cards has five questions on it. Simple things like “Which Jamaican singer released the songs ‘No woman No Cry’ and ‘Jammin’? The twist here is the way you deliver the answer is ruled by a deck of cards. This deck of cards makes each question a mental workout to shout out the answer in the correct format and it’s sometimes funny, often irritating and most of the time, both. Good times!

This deck of cards, which also acts as the game’s timer, contains five different ways to answer each question. There’s the standard, ‘Got it’ which means just answer correctly, in the above example it would be ‘Bob Marley’. Then there’s the ‘Not it’ card, which requires you to shout out a wrong answer but it must be in the same category as the actual answer, which is written in bold on the card, thankfully. The game recommends you point or raise your voice when stating the category, so all players are aware. The answer to this one would be something like ‘Britney Spears’ or the like.

The other three all involve some sort of sneaky swappery within the real answer. All answers are two words and the first card in this section is ‘Flip It’ which requires you to just swap the two words around, ‘Marley Bob’, if we are still using the above example. We also have ‘Switch It’ and ‘Ditch It’ which require you to swap the first two letters of the two words or remove the first two letters, ‘Mob Barley’ and ‘Ob Arley’ respectively.

Scoring & Shouting

What this leads to is somebody asking a question, everyone knows the answer and moving forward in their chair anticipating the answer card to be turned over. After that, it’s just a mass of shouting, getting letters muddled up and it’s a rip-roaring, entertaining, good time. Whoever gets it right, gets to keep the card but anyone who got it wrong, loses a card and is out for the round. I liked this rule a lot, it stops people just diving in and gives a bit of risk to quick answers.

Simple Yet Rip-Roaring Quizzing

So Wrong it’s right is so simple to set up and play, yet provides a lot of game for such a low barrier in complexity. Just deal out a few question cards and souffle the answer deck and you are away. Then let the shouting commence!

That concludes our guide on how to play So Wrong It’s Right. Did this help you? Let us know your thoughts and tag us on social media @zatugames.

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  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

You might like

  • A quick quiz with a twist of silliness
  • Loads of questions. Loads
  • Quick and easy to play
  • Sometimes, not knowing the answer helps

Might not like

  • Running out of answer cards when theres loads of you