Pokemon TCG: Ex Battle Decks - Melmetal and Houndoom 2 set

Pokemon TCG: Ex Battle Decks – Melmetal and Houndoom 2 set

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Gear up for an electrifying showdown as the Pokémon TCG unleashes the mighty power of Pokémon ex onto the battlefield with the all-new ex Battle Decks! These decks are not just decks—they are power-packed arsenals, each led by an extraordinary Pokémon ex ready to dominate the competition. With a swift shuffle and draw, you’ll be diving headfirst into epic battles, armed with everything you need to play and conquer.

Mark your calendars for February 23, 2024, as the fierce ex Battle Decks featuring Melmetal ex and Houndoom ex make their grand entrance. These two formidable ex cards, hailing from the Japanese Scarlet & Violet ex Start Deck and reprised from the acclaimed Obsidian Flames, are set to make waves. Brace yourself for a thrilling blast from the past, as there’s no new artwork—just the raw, unbridled power of these Pokémon ex.

Inside each ex Battle Deck lies a meticulously crafted 60-card deck, promising a symphony of strategy and strength. Stay tuned for further details on these decks as updates unfold, and get ready to unleash the chaos as the battle commences. Let the countdown begin to a clash of ex titans that will leave Trainers on the edge of their seats!