MTG: Rivals of Ixalan Booster Display

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RRP £143.64

Rivals of Ixalan booster box containing 36 boosters.
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The Rivals of Ixalan booster display for Magic: The Gathering contains 36 booster packs of 15 cards to add to your collection. You can expect one of the 15 cards in each booster to be a rare or mythic rare, and some packs even contain a premium foil card. Rivals of Ixalan is the 77th Magic expansion, and the second in the Ixalan block. The expansion contains 196 cards (5 basic lands, 70 common, 60 uncommon, 48 rare, and 13 mythic rare) and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards, and as this box contains over 500 cards you’ll be well on your way to completing your Rivals of Ixalan collection. It’s also perfect for greatly expanding upon the Rivals of Ixalan Bundle, allowing an avid Magic player to turn the basic foundation of the bundle into a large number of powerful cards.

In Rivals of Ixalan, the legendary city of Orazca has been found but it will not be claimed without a fight. Now you must outpace, outwit, and overpower your rivals as you vie for control of this ancient metropolis and the riches within. In Rivals of Ixalan, stake your claim. Dominate the opposition. Rule the city.

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