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MTG: Modern Horizons 2 Collector Booster Pack – More Information Coming Soon
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  • Absolutely great cards
  • Support for many different archetypes
  • Print-to-demand set

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  • No Standard support
  • Higher cost than normal Magic cards
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MTG: Modern Horizons 2 Collector Booster Pack - More Information Coming Soon

MH2 Header

Modern Horizons 2 has come out, 2 years after the original Modern Horizons. This supplementary set adds cards directly into Modern, bypassing Standard entirely. As a whole, the set is just the idea of “What If?”. This can mean anything from what if this mechanic was never removed, what if this lore character got a card or what if we went absolutely crazy with design!

So, what is Modern Horizons 2? Basically, it’s a lot of cards designed entirely for Modern and Commander, as well as New-To-Modern reprints like Counterspell and Vindicate. It also heavily plays into the meme culture of Magic, as well as the people who love the lore of the series. 

Return Of The Stack

Reprints are an important part of the set. Because Modern doesn’t have access to 10 years of Magic: the Gathering, Modern Horizons sets are the only way to bring back some of these cards, and Modern Horizons 2 does it in spades. 43 new-to-modern cards, including some incredibly rare and expensive ones, are now much easier to obtain. Apart from the above-mentioned Counterspell and Vindicate, absolute powerhouses like Imperial Recruiter, Cabal Coffers, Shardless Agent and Sanctum Prelate are now playable in Modern! Well-loved cards like Chance Encounter, Patriarch’s Bidding and Millikin get all-new art treatments too. 

MH2 New-To-Modern


Cooking For Enemies

But enough about old cards. What about new cards? There is, of course, an absolute pile of them. Starting off with the lore cards, we get characters all the way back from Alpha! Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar and Garth One-Eye are both characters from this era, with Asmor appearing as flavour text and Garth being the protagonist of the original Magic: the Gathering Novel – Arena. Asmor’s name is so long that she actually has no creature cost, with the name taking up the entire top bar! Also along for the ride are Dakkon Blackblade and his eternal nemesis, Geyadrone Dihada! 

MH2 Lore

Just as powerful, however, are the ground up designed cards for Modern Horizons 2. Aeve, Progenitor Ooze has access to storm, being the first legendary creature able to clone itself on entry. This mechanic required an entirely new rule change! Altar of the Goyf and Necrogoyf both bring power to Goyf decks, and with Time Spiral Remastered buffing the Goyf itself, a lot of growing will be going on!. 

Packing In The Content

Set Boosters carry on what they’ve always done – fun to open packs with great bonuses for art fans! The art cards in Modern Horizons 2 feature some of the best cards, as well as the planeswalkers! Fantastic cards like Gaea’s Will and Yavimiya, Cradle of Growth show off their art in these! Cards are chosen by art, not by power, so weaker cards in the set can get this treatment. 

MH2 Art and Mechanics

Finally, let’s talk about the special treatment available in Collector Boosters. Fan-favourite cards from Modern Horizons 1 like Force of Negation and Soulherder make up a 40-card bonus sheet in the original border! These cards, exclusive to the Collector Booster, are joined by other cards in the set, like Sword of Hearth and Home, Sol Talisman and the enemy Fetchlands cycle, as brand new old-border cards! The movement from Wizards to add old borders, such as those in Time Spiral Remastered, in these packs really feel great!

MH2 Old Border

All in all, Modern Horizons 2 is an absolute slam-dunk of a set. Commander and Legacy players will both find something great in this set! The way it promises to completely overhaul Modern is the best feature, however. Living End, Stoneblade and Ad Nauseum decks have had a resurgence through it, and this was only on the first week since Modern Horizon 2’s launch. Who knows how much it will change the game? Only time will tell, but you might want to get your hands on the cards fast!

Zatu Score


  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

You might like

  • Absolutely great cards
  • Support for many different archetypes
  • Print-to-demand set

Might not like

  • No Standard support
  • Higher cost than normal Magic cards