MTG: Core Set 2019 Deck Builder’s Toolkit

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RRP £17.99

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The Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2019 Deck Builder’s Toolkit is the perfect place to start if you’re exploring the world’s most successful trading card game. Released 23 years after Richard Garfield created the first ever Magic set, the Core Set 2019 Deck Builder’s Toolkit provides newer players with yet another opportunity to join the ever-growing MTG community.

In this Deck Builder’s Toolkit you’ll get:

  • 125 cards that have been specially selected for a great deck-building experience.
  • 100 basic land cards to help you build any deck you like.
  • 4 booster packs with 15 cards in each (one pack from each of Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria and Core Set 2019).
  • A deck builder’s guide to guide you through the basics of building your own decks.
  • A Learn to Play guide.
  • A full-art box that you can keep to store your cards.


The Core Set 2019 Deck Builder’s Toolkit also makes a great gift for the Magic player in your life, especially if they haven’t been playing for long. Contained within a stunning full-art box, you’ll be giving them a lot of great content and a way to store their cards.

Deck-building is a core skill in Magic: The Gathering. This toolkit gives you everything you need to experiment with different kinds of decks and see what you enjoy. It has also been designed to work well alongside the M19 Planeswalker decks. With the cards you’ll get in the toolkit you can customise and improve on your Planeswalker decks, strengthening existing strategies or trying something new.

Don’t forget that you’ll also get four booster packs with everything else inside the toolkit. Boosters are at the heart of the Magic experience. With these you’ll be able to find new and interesting cards from the four most recent sets. If you’re lucky, you may even pull a powerful Mythic rare or that one card that inspires your next deck idea.

Explore more of the Magic multiverse today with the Core Set 2019 Deck Builder’s Toolkit.

Player count: 2+
Time: 20 minutes
Age rating: 13+

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