Maksim / Marlen / Melor / Mikhail

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For years the Soviet army had little concern for its vehicular losses. The Axis enemy battered at the gate and had to be repelled at all costs. SSU forces considered it fortunate if their heavy equipment could be salvaged or repaired, but many damaged machines were simply left to rust on the battlefield. Now, the SSU’s development of VK-powered walkers has led to a change in philosophy. Even destroyed, these units are still valuable for their rare minerals and parts. Accordingly, SSU forces operate under standing orders to salvage their wreckage or, at the least, destroy fallen vehicles properly, in order to prevent their enemies from capturing their VK technology.

The KV47 Recovery & Demolition Walker introduces one medium combat walker that can be configured as one of four different models: Maksim, Marlen, Melor, or Mikhail. Each of these walkers affords the SSU strategic advantages from its salvage operations and can pack a punch in close combat.

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