Magnetic Dice Tray Rectangular: Black/Green

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Easy to carry to games, easy to setup, small so it doesn’t dominate your table! • +9 against metal dice damage to wooden tables • Quiets loud dice rolls on plastic tables • Keeps dice from flying off the table or hitting your minis • High quality materials, strong enough for metal dice • 8.5 x 11 (same WxL as US Letter Size Paper) when flat, smaller but taller when s…
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This premium square Magnetic Dice Tray is perfect for tabletop and board games. It is compact and has strong embedded magnets, which allow you to conjure a magical Dice Tray in a split second. The Dice Tray lays completely flat, fitting in a vast variety of standard game boxes. No need for any clamps or touch fasteners: while laying flat inside the box, gaming components are not damaged.