Hills & Sheep: Carcassonne Exp 9

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Carcassonne: Hills and Sheep is the ninth numbered expansion for the endlessly popular Carcassonne game. Players can now not only place their farmers, monks and highwaymen around Carcassonne, but now they get to shepherd their sheep, build Vineyards and now build upwards to construct hills! Hill tiles are placed on randomly drawn tiles and act as tie breakers if two players the same…
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Carcassonne: Hills and sheep adds, wait for it, hills and sheep to the game, and also vineyards!

With this expansion each player will now have a shepherd meeple that they can place in a field. Whenever that player places a tile that expands that field they can pull a token from the bag to grow that shepherds flock or gather the flock to score points. But beware, if you draw the wolf token all sheep are lost! All the sheep in a field are shared between all players so you can cheekily combine your field with an opponent and score their sheep too.

The hills allow you to stand your meeples tall over your opponents. By placing another tile underneath your hill tile you will be able to survey your lands. Any meeple you place on a feature on a hill will automatically break any ties in your favour when that feature is completed. No more sharing points for you!

Lastly the vineyards allow you to boost the point scoring abilities of your monasteries. When a monastery is scored you will get a bonus 3 points for every vineyard that surrounds it. The monks who live there like a bit of wine. But be careful, incomplete monasteries don’t get any bonuses at all, so make sure they are completed.

Carcassonne: Hills and sheep can be combined with any of the other Carcassonne expansions.

Players: 2-6
Playtime: 40mins
Ages: 13+