Go Cuckoo (Zum Kuckuck)

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qui aide Kiki le cuculo à construire un nid de bâtons pour vos œufs?? Mais attention?: il y a tout juste le temps de remettre un peu de bons branches sur la base du nid, il faut immédiatement posarci au-dessus d’un oeuf cuculo. Mais un nid si fragile perd facilement des pièces. Bout des doigts sensibles et un brin de chance?: seulement qui témoigne de leur parvient à r…
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Go Cuckoo (Zum Kuckuck), you take one standing stick and put it on the nest. If both ends of the stick have the same colour, you may choose to lay an egg on it. Otherwise, you take another stick whose top colour is the same as the hiding colour of the previous one, up to three sticks.

After laying an egg or putting the third stick with different colours, your turn ends. There are penalties for a stick touching the ground or eggs falling from the nest.

The first person to lay all of their eggs can then put the cuckoo in the nest and win Go Cuckoo (Zum Kuckuck).

  • Ages 4+
  • 2 – 5 Players
  • 10 – 15min Playing Time