Gamegenic Star Wars: Unlimited Deck Pod - White/Black

Gamegenic Star Wars: Unlimited Deck Pod – White/Black

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Bring your Star Wars™: Unlimited gaming experience to a whole new level!
The Deck Pod, an officially licensed premium deck box, is specifically designed for the needs of Star Wars™: Unlimited players. UNIQUE FEATURE: The Deck Pod includes a Slide Card Case with additional UV protection for keeping the leader card. Due to the innovative placement of that card, the stored deck can be easily identified without opening the box. The Slide Card Case can also be detached and used during gameplay.

The Deck Pod is perfectly sized to hold a full deck of 60 double-sleeved cards. In addition, the base card has its own designated pocket, thus being instantly ready for play. The integrated drawer holds all necessary tokens and other accessories. The flap of the Deck Pod is equipped with our highly rated CONVERTIBLE system. Strong magnets keep the setup stable and close the box safely. All 6 aspects of the game are represented by their respective colors and matching symbols, hot-stamped into the flap.

star wars unlimited

Calling all TCG and Star Wars fans! Prepare to get excited because Fantasy Flight Games and Lucasfilm Ltd. have just made a big announcement.

Coming in 2024, Star Wars: Unlimited will be an all-new TCG. Featuring characters, ships and settings from all corners of the Star Wars universe, expect to see content based on the movies, TV shows, comics and video games. This TCG will also be getting plenty of attention from Fantasy Flight as it has been announced that there will be three sets released per year.

We’ve seen plenty of card games come from Fantasy Flight in recent years such as Living Card Games and Deckbuilders. However, Star Wars: Unlimited, will be a return to form as a typical Trading Card Game in every sense. In fact, co-designer Jim Cartwright has gone on record claiming that this will be a “non-gimmicky TCG” and that Star Wars: Unlimited has had more resources dedicated to it than any other game in the history of Fantasy Flight Games. We are promised that this release will be “both easy to learn and strategically deep”.

FFG are no strangers to Trading Card Games, although some of them ended up being cancelled leaving fans disappointed. However, with the release schedule already planned years ahead and the fact that the designers are arranging ‘Organised Play’ at games stores to establish a community of gamers, we’re hoping that this will be a TCG that is here to stay.

No prices or exact dates have been announced yet but we will certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for more information. Although, didn’t Obi Wan say that our eyes could deceive us? Oh well, we will just have to use the force then!