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Pokemon TCG – Hoopa V Deck Review

Pokemon TCG - Hoopa V Deck

Mew Vmax? You got weakness. Shadow Rider Calyrex? You got weakness. Both of the Urshifu? Guess what? Yep, weakness. Hoopa V is arguably one of the best cards to use in the current Pokemon TCG meta.

Wondering how this magic works? Well, here is the basis of the deck:

Hoopa V has the ability Two-Faced. This turns Hoopa V into both a Psychic pokemon and a Dark pokemon. Combine this with Fusion Strike Pokemon Genesect V as your draw engine. Search through the deck and keep that hand size down nice and low by using the Peony card to grab the item cards you require from your deck.

Galarian Moltres V from Chilling Reign can use the ability Direflame Wings to attach Dark energy from your discard pile to itself, which you can then energy switch to your Hoopa V. Now, let's not forget about Elisa’s Sparkle Energy - which attaches energy from your deck to any two Fusion Strike pokemon.

This deck has a lot going for it. But, it will suffer against decks with a big bench, such as Gengar Vmax or Suicune, as this deck needs its bench fully loaded. So this could end with your defeat. This is also a hard match up against any Path to the Peak decks. I played it at my locals, and I am currently at version 5 of the deck. It had a good show going with 2-0-2, so it didn't lose a game. This is a pretty rogue deck, so if you are playing best of 1’s most people will not know how to deal with it - meaning you can get some cheeky wins on that side of the game.

In my opinion, the most fun thing about this deck is drawing in the region of 20 ish cards per turn, since your deck runs a max of 8 total supporter cards, so you end up using so many items a turn the opponent may just scoop for game two before you even get a chance to set up (this has happened to me, not going to lie it feels great). But I can hear you - "What's it's 'going second' game plan like?!" Well, you can still pull off turn one attacks and knockouts on the big decks in the current format. Mew V knocked out for weakness, Urshifu V knocked out for weakness, even the eeveelutions (yep!) - get a power tablet or 2 down and you're hitting for the perfect numbers.

Mew? Urshifu? Nah, the Best Deck in Format is Hoopa V!

Now for my verdict on this deck... I think it is one of the most fun Pokemon TCG decks I’ve played in ages. You just go to the nines with it, and with the current format being stocked with Fighting and Psychic Pokemon, having a Dark and Psychic in one card is really fun to use. A straight 10 out 10 from me, but I am biased.