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Nutty Numbers Review



It’s Autumn. Acorns and golden-brown leaves are falling from the trees. Food on the forest floor is abundant, as four little squirrels descend a mighty oak to gather as many acorns as they can on a path through the woods. Which squirrel will collect the most before they call it a day and rest on a colourful picnic blanket? The answer is in the dice of Nutty Numbers!

The game and thoughts

Designed for ages 4+ and for two to four players, Nutty Numbers is a straightforward dice game where players take it in turns to roll the die and turn over the corresponding number tile. A part of a path is displayed on each tile – some without acorns and others with as many as three. The winner is the squirrel with the most acorns on their path by the time they have drawn their coloured picnic blanket.

It is a simple and enjoyable game, and as is typical for Orchard Toys, it comes with decent components and artwork including a 3D tree and 3D squirrels. The rules are straightforward and easily modified to lengthen or shorten a game. Nutty Numbers is accessible for three-year-olds but they might require some support along the way. The game helps develop counting skills and encourages observational skills and turn taking.

Highly recommended for young sibling play – just as long as they don’t drive each other nuts!