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Maggotkin Of Nurgle: Rotbringer Sorcerer Review

Rotbringer Sorcerer

Plagued Sorcery

A vital part of any Nurgle army, the Rotbringer Sorcerer is a master of magic, disease, and pestilence. They are capable of vomiting forth streams of disease ridden slime and known for leading acts of corruption.

The rotbringer is a sorcerer and has a very unique ability in battle. It has the opportunity to corrupt endless spells that are active on the battlefield. This means that you can turn an opponent's plan on its head and send their own spells back at them.

I picked this model mainly for its unique ability to corrupt spells, and for the fact it’s the only new model in the newest Maggotkin of Nurgle battletome. I was really excited to get hold of this and to be able to utilize it in my army roster.

Daemonic Rituals

Although this model doesn’t come in the largest box, it’s still exciting to crack the blister pack open and unleash the maggotkin inside. Inside the box you’ll find the following:

All the pieces required to build one model

  • 1 x 32mm round base
  • 1 x Instruction booklet

With all of the leader blister packs, they come in a smaller box than other models. This means that you only get one sprue and the amount of pieces are lacking. Nonetheless, I bought this model for its use on the battlefield as a unit, rather than the building experience of the model itself.

Honestly, I found the Rotbringer Sorcerer quite difficult to build throughout. The instructions were clear and concise, however, the actual placement and positioning of the pieces became frustrating really quickly. One example of this was having to wrap a thin plastic arm around the staff without it slipping out.

Much like the building process, this model was very fiddly to paint. To make the process easier, I’d recommend building the model in sub-assemblies and paint as you go. This will also allow you more access to paint the smaller details such as the face and staff.

I chose the paint scheme for this model and it was quite fitting and kept in style with the Maggotkin army theme. This model also gave me the opportunity to experiment with new painting styles for the candles and smoke. Overall, I’m really pleased with how the paint job turned out.

Given that the model doesn’t come with many pieces, the customizations for this model are very limited. The only notable variations that are included are the different heads that can be used for the model. I would have liked to see more variations for the staff and rucksack.

Strength In Diseases

Although this model thrives as a spellcaster, their melee attacks have quite a bite. The Rotwood staff has three attacks, which hit on a 4+ and wound on a 3+; with each attack that gets through dealing 1 damage a piece.

Unfortunately this model does not have any ranged attacks, but that’s where the spellcasting comes into its own. Equipped with Stream of Corruption which dishes out mortal wounds on a 5+, it’s perfect for picking off models from a distance whilst slinging endless spells here, there, and everywhere.

Although this model is considered unique in the warscroll, you can choose to run three of them as a group. If you do so, they become a rotbringer coven and gain the ability to cast and dispel three times the amount of spells you normally would. Unfortunately, because of the limited variety in the pieces, all of your models will look the same, which takes away from the aesthetic charm of the coven.

Touching on Corrupting endless spells again. Once an endless spell has been corrupted, it gains the nurgle keyword and counts as a generator for contagion points and disease points. Meaning you can get absolute value out of gaining control of your opponents spells

Final Thoughts

Personally, I love this model. The unique ability to corrupt endless spells sold it for me from the get go. Not to mention the small details dotted throughout the model that add a lot of charm to the way it looks.

You wouldn’t be at a loss if you only bought one of these models. It can hold its own very well, and plays a vital part in the magic phase of a battle. On the other hand, if you can look past the price of buying three of these models, and the lack of customizations on the sprues, you can build yourself a very foreboding unit of spellcasters that can roam around the map at their own free will.

If you’re looking to branch out and add more models to your army, I’d recommend buying the Blightkings next. They are disgusting in all senses of the word, with blistering melee attacks and an ability that can pick off any opposing unit with less than three wounds as if it’s nothing. In my opinion, the Blightings are a must have for any Nurgle army.

That concludes our thoughts on the Rotbringer Sorcerer. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts and tag us on social media @zatugames. To buy Maggotkin Of Nurgle: Rotbringer Sorcerer today click here!