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How To Play Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror Cover

Arkham Horror works just as well solo as it does as a team game! In fact, it offers up some truly unique experiences for anyone who dares to venture the streets of Arkham alone.

What I Liked About Playing Solo

Where other board games use the roll of a dice to determine success or failure, Arkham Horror has a very interesting substitute. Not only does this add a delightful element of dread to every decision you make, but it makes the entire game unbelievably easy to tailor to your needs. The core set has a simple guide on which tokens you should remove or include to better, or worsen, your chances of survival.

The Story

In Arkham Horror LCG, you play through a Lovecraftian narrative of otherworldly abominations attempting to overthrow the Earth, and the choices you make along the way will affect how the story progresses. As a team, this would mean the decisions of the group and their opinions as a whole. But as a solo player, this story is yours and yours alone.

In the very first mission, your house is overrun with demonic entities, and you have to battle your way out or make a run for it. If I were playing as a group, I would need to figure out what the other characters were doing in my home, and how we work together to escape. As a solo player, this is my house, and I’m the only one in danger. The story just feels so much better when it’s your story.

The Immersion Is Palpable

This game is not without its scares, and when you’re playing all alone you really begin to feel the loneliness set in. H.P Lovecraft’s works were defined by an overwhelming sense of dread, as the protagonists battle Horrors far. Playing Arkham Horror by yourself gives you that same sense of dread, you roughly know the scope of your mission. But you have no idea how you’ll spread yourself thinly enough to get everywhere you need to be before the time runs out. It’s honestly terrifying to battle the odds in this way.

Bear In mind

Truthfully, I moved through the Arkham Horror Core Set at a snail’s pace. I devoted entire evenings to playing just one chapter of the story. But that’s because I really wanted to enjoy it.

The components are a mix of tokens and cards. All feature more of the game’s beautiful artwork, and these take roughly ten minutes to read through and set up before you even start playing. Not to mention finding the right background music to fully immerse yourself in the story.

But what it does do is reward this level of attentiveness through its detail-rich story. I definitely recommend sitting down and giving this game the time, and energy it deserves.

You Might Die A Lot

As I mentioned earlier, Arkham Horror LCG has a unique difficulty system that is easy for players to adjust. Rules as written players draw tokens to determine ability scores. Now playing as a team isn’t too much of a drawback as there’s always someone else around you to help. Playing alone, you’re almost a walking target for every single enemy and treachery that the game spawns.

However, there’s a very easy solution to this. In fact, this neat variation doesn't just make the game more fun. It adds a depth of chaos and desperation to the universe you’re playing through. Even these unearthly, terrifying monsters are slaves to forces outside our realm of understanding. It’s just another element that hammers home the game’s Lovecraftian inspiration.

So, with all of that in mind, you’re ready to take on Arkham Horror LCG’s Core Set all by yourself. I recommend this for anyone who’s searching for a new story-telling experience, as you can immerse yourself in this treacherous world at your own pace.