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Halo Infinite Season 4 Review

halo infinite

The majority of readers have most likely either played a Halo game or a Live service game, with most people having played both. For anyone that has yet to however, Halo Infinite multiplayer is the combination of these, which has recently launched the newest iteration with Season 4. This season adds a handful of enjoyable extras onto an already pretty fun multiplayer.

Then There’s Still Hope

Those considering trying out Infinite’s multiplayer I would highly recommend it, particularly as it’s free to download and play for any supported platforms (Xbox consoles, cloud gaming, PC) and is generally fun to play particularly with friends as it allows large groups of players to squad up and is relatively easy to transfer general first-person shooter skills across to it with a slight learning curve to weapons balancing, movement and health.

Granted, be it nostalgia or the original Bungie team’s design, there is always a slight sense of something missing from some of the game modes and the gameplay for those that remember the days of the original trilogy (or quadrilogy for the big ODST fans) but don’t let that put you off of trying out Season 4 if you get the chance, particularly as the game is free.

Let’s run though the new additions for Season 4:

Career Rank

  • New Cosmetics (Including a free armour core [Read: Base Skin])
  • New Gameplay Mode: Infection
  • New Gameplay Equipment: Quantum Translocator
  • New Maps: Forest Arena (Ranked games) and Scarr
  • New Forge options and settings
  • Visual Enhancements for Xbox consoles

Career rank is much like it’s predecessor and will give your account a permanent overall rank, but fear not for those who avoid the ranking of PvP arenas: The career rank is ever growing and increases with each and every point you get from multiplayer and never decreases, so the occasional (or frequent) poor performance won’t affect this at all as you make your way from the lowly bronzes to the highest of onyx ranks.

The Missions Change. They Always Do

New gameplay: Infection is great fun. Unlike previous Halo games, the ‘survivors’ (rarely the case by the end of the game) begin in a boarded up section of a multiplayer map. These boards can be broken by the survivors and the infected, but not quietly. Anyone listening will be able to tell when the an infected is trying to smash these boards down so be sure to have your limited ammo from your bullfrog (shotgun) ready when that happens. It is particularly tough to win this one as a survivor when you’re the last one alive as it only takes one infected to find you and ping to the rest where they are, I have managed a single win from this thanks to the added benefit of having unlimited ammo once you hear the beloved Halo God voice say “Last Man Standing”.

The Quantum Translocator can be utilised fantastically if you have the time in-game to plan it out. The first use of this new pickup equipment places a marker so that on your second use, you are teleported back to that spot. Use can use it to retreat, to surprise attack, or simply try that dangerous jump again if you begin falling off the map the first time.
Speaking of maps, Season 4 adds some much needed official maps to the rotation for different game modes with Scarr being a great sized map for those bigger fights.

Dibs On The Helmet

It wouldn’t be a Live service game without something to purchase with real money, and this season comes with a new battlepass in Halo Infinite, which unlike other games, can be purchased and fully unlocked at any time in the future. There’s plenty of new cosmetics here to get so make sure to have a look through the rewards of the paid option before purchasing to make sure it’s for you. (Even if not, every player unlocks the HAZMAT armour core for free just for loading up the game!)