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Top 5 Anticipated Kickstarter Board Games for 2018


Love it or hate it Kickstarter doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Although there seemed to be some quirks towards the end of the year, some big name games are hoping to keep the crowdfunding band wagon going.

Which ones will I be jumping on? It seems like my interest has been eyes can only see to February 2018 so here goes, here's my top five anticipated Kickstarter board games for 2018:

5 - Spirits of the Forest

One of the two games on this list I've had the pleasure to play. Spirits of the Forest is from the impressive Thundergryph Games. Already in backer's good books for air shipping Tao Long when the sea shipping would have pushed the game even later, they seem to be on a winner here again. Spirits looks quite simple, and that is true but the simple looks belie hidden depths.

A grid of tiles is laid out in four rows of 12. The tiles are in nine colours each representing a type of spirit and having one or two of that spirit's icon on. On your turn you will take up to two tiles from row ends, dependent on spirit icons. You can reserve a future tile with one of your three crystals, but these can also be used to 'buy' a tile reserved by someone else. The whole thing comes together beautifully. The term gateway game is banded about a lot, but this is truly a game that is easy to grasp but with decisions. This one is live on Kickstarter right now!

4 - HATE

The Eric Lang/CMON machine rolls on. This time with HATE, a 2-6 player game based on a dark graphic novel. I'm not aware of the source material, so this may prove too dark for me, but for now I am certainly interested. Lang produces games I enjoy and CMON have a reputation for great components. There is also that undeniable 'CMON feeling' when this huge box arrives packed with your pledge and loads of other minis you will probably never use.

HATE seems to have some sort of over arching campaign called a 'Chronicle' in which players battle each other in clashes while trying to upgrade their own village through resources and hate. Hate looks to be gained through all manner of unsavoury actions. If the source material interests you this is definitely one to check out, as CMON campaigns shower backers with extras. Also in what looks to be a growing trend HATE will be a Kickstarter exclusive. HATE comes to Kickstarter in January.


3 - Robin Hood and the Merry Men

I have to declare an interest here as my friend and fellow Zatu writer, Martyn Poole has a designer credit on this one. That being said, this one looks right up my street. Worker placement? Check. Up and coming publisher? Check. Sweet art? Check. Little used and awesome theme? Check. My own gorgeous visage used as the titular main character?

Well, not yet, but I'm working on it. Players take the role of one of the Merry Men in an effort to free Maid Marion and thwart the plans of the Sheriff. With Final Frontier Games publishing this after their already impressive run of games there is a lot to be excited about here. Robin Hood is expected to hit Kickstarter in February.

2 - Warpgate

I think I might be in love with Wolff Designa. Their first game, Guards of Atlantis is an underrated gem. Stellar production values and smart gameplay really left an impression on me, and many other reviewers. There was a slight learning curve to the game and maybe that's why it isn't more widely known. Wolff's second game, Warpgate, is much more approachable but a hell of a lot of fun.

Playing in under an hour, Warpgate sees players battling for victory points across a tight modular map. As a round goes on your options becoming increasingly more powerful thanks to a clever card system. I'm in on Warpgate from day one. Warpgate is due to launch in January.

1 - Batman

Monolith's Conan got great reviews due to it's gameplay, but some felt all the fun on the heroes side was playing as Conan. Batman promises to fix that, and some other gameplay gets smoothed out. But it's hard not to see people arguing over playing as Bruce Wayne's alter ego! Batman is another Kickstarter exclusive, at a rumoured $120 for the base and $300 all in it's expensive but not as much as I thought it may have been.

I've been saving for this one for awhile as while Conan intrigued me I wasn't sold on the theme. But Batman? Batman has me all in, unless the rumoured price is way off base. For once though it is the thought of playing the villain that has me most intrigued. Batman is due to launch in February.

2018 Kickstarter Board Games

So I didn't get past February. Is this an indication of the growing quality of games on Kickstarter? Certainly some of the best games of 2017 included Kickstarter board games. Will we see more companies follow in CMON and Monolith making their games Kickstarter exclusive? Who knows? It's potentially shaping up to be a great year!

Nick can also be found at Board, Deck & Dice.