U.S. Civil War Battle by Battle

U.S. Civil War Battle by Battle

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Just the thing for US Civil War buffs: snappily written, informative and entertaining. A cracking read.’ Saul David, bestselling author and historian

This attractively packaged gift book offers a highly illustrated introduction to some of the U.S. Civil War’s most famous and important battles, from the Battle of Fort Sumter in 1861 to the Battle of Appomatox Court House in 1865.

The U.S. Civil War was the most cataclysmic military struggle of the late 19th century, and in four bloody years of fighting from 1861 to 1865 over 620,000 American soldiers and sailors lost their lives in more than 8,000 battles, engagements and skirmishes.

U.S. Civil War Battle by Battle tells the story of 30 of the most significant of these battles. These include some of the most famous clashes, such as the battles of Gettysburg and Fredericksburg, which resonate through American military history, but also the less well known, such as the battles of Brandy Station and Cedar Creek.

This highly illustrated introduction, packed full of colour artwork, covers every theatre of the war and details infantry, cavalry, artillery and seaborne units from both the Union and the Confederate forces to give a true sense of the scale of the War between the States.