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CMON reveal Zombicide Second Edition Changes

Zombicide Second Edition - Updates Revealed
Zombicide Second Edition - Updates Revealed

The Second Edition of Zombicide launches on Kickstarter this week. Ahead of the launch, Cool Mini or Not (CMON) have revealed some of the improvements and additions to the game.

All of the elements which made the original Zombicide will be present. This includes the co-operative nature of the game, the modular board, the search and slay mechanic, upskilling through campaigns and, of course, lots and lots of zombie action. The new elements will come in two varieties: Changes taken from the learning curve and totally new new stuff.

The Learning Curve

There have been three very distinct entries in the Zombicide universe. You have the standard game, Black Plague and Invader. The Second Edition will have the durable plastic dashboards and interchangeable colours for player miniatures. These are originally found in Black Plague and Invader. This gives the original game more room for customisation.

Meanwhile, equipment cards have been cleaned up and made clearer. Spawn cards now only have one zombie type, ensuring that it's less fiddly to unleash the hordes. Plus, when it comes to the growing threat, the adding zombies mechanic makes it easier to split groups, giving your survivors at least a fighting chance.

The Newness

Don't worry, this isn't just a rehash! CMON have promised plenty of new additions to provide you with a slicker, quicker experience.

Doors and objectives have been added to the tiles, meaning less time for set-up, more time for play. Rules about friendly fire and priority are clearer, and a spawn start token has been included so that everyone knows where the rotters are coming from. Car rules have also been updated, allowing players to go at variable speeds and perhaps take out a few slowcoaches (players and zombies alike) in the process.

The newness doesn’t just expand to the mechanics though. There is a whole lot more in that big box than before. The six survivors still remain, but these are joined by six meddling kids, hungry to double tap the hordes. Not only that, but the hordes have got some reinforcements too! The base set comes with four abominations. That’s a whole lot of bad news bear.

Finally, the original 10 scenarios have been expanded to 25. This includes the 10 original and 15 new scenarios. Also mentioned are new skills, new Dark Zone encounters and rules for using other survivors as companions in game. This is enough new stuff to make even seasoned Zombiciders shout ‘shut up and take my money’.

Zombicide Kickstarter Incoming

This is what we know so far, but CMON have promised more updates as we approach the release date. If you want to get in while the going is good, the Kickstarter opens on October 16, just in time for the ‘I’m not even thinking about Christmas until after Halloween’ season.