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Video – Zombicide Invader Unboxing

Zombicide Invader Video Unboxing

Zombicide heads into space for Invader, the latest entry in the top-selling franchise. This is a co-operative game for 1-6 players, with an average game expected to last around an hour. In the game, players will face an unfathomable swarm of infected Xenos controlled by the game itself.

The story goes as follows;

"Humans set off into the stars in search of high-powered fuel and found it in the remote corner of the universe on the small planet PK-L7. Their discovery of Xenium — a dark, oily compound deep below the planet's surface — was everything they hoped for. But they found something else, too. The Xenos attack was brutal and unrelenting. While the scientists and soldiers have held them off the best they could, the Xenos are still coming..."

Each player takes on the role of one to six survivors in a sci-fi setting being overwhelmed by these Xenos. The goal is simple: Choose a mission, complete its objectives, kill as many Xenos as possible, and (most importantly) survive!

Unboxing Invader

You can see the amazing components, including the infamous CMON miniatures, in Nick's unboxing video below.

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If you like what you see in the video above, it's time to add Zombicide: Invader to your collection. Alongside the base game, you can also find Black Ops expansion. This raises the intensity to new heights while bringing new challenges for an elite group of Survivors! They are known as the Soldiers of Black Squad.

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