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Gen Con In-Flight Report: Wave VI Miniatures for X-Wing and New Expansions

New X-Wing Expansions Revealed

A galaxy far, far away keeps getting bigger! Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) have revealed a whole fleet of additions for Star Wars X-Wing. This includes additions for the Rebel Alliance, First Order, Empire, and the Scum and Villainy of Bounty Hunters and Smugglers.

Miniature Packs

To start off with, there are eight miniature packs, six single craft and two dual craft packs. The single packs are:

  • Major Vonreg’s Tie Expansion Pack - The First Order flying ace and his Space Superiority Interceptor are here to wreak havoc amongst the brave, yet doomed, pilots of the Rebel Alliance.
  • Fireball Expansion Pack - It's fast, feisty and flammable. The Fireball will quickly get you where you want to be on the battlefield. However, you may not make it in one piece!
  • TIE Reaper Expansion Pack - The TIE Reaper is heavy armoured and heavily armed. This is the go-to transport for getting crack troops to the front-line under heavy fire. Where the Reaper goes, misery is sure to follow.
  • TIE in/Interceptor Expansion Pack – The fighter of choice for Imperial flying aces. It's fast, manoeuvrable, and deadly. Preferred by Soontir Fel’s Saber Squadron, the Interceptor has been the last thing not seen by many Rebel pilots.
  • TIE/D Defender Expansion Pack – Don't be misled by its curious design. The Defender packs powerful shields, speed and manoeuvrability into a small package designed to deliver a mighty blow to the Alliance.
  • RZ-1 A-Wing Expansion Pack – What the A-Wing lack in durability, it more than makes up for in speed, manoeuvrability and punch. Just ask the Commander of the Favoured by Rebel aces who think if you’re not living on the edge, you’re wasting space.

Each pack comes with pilot cards, upgrades, tokens and quick builds to make it immediately playable.

Craft Packs

The two dual craft packs are:

  • Saw’s Renegade’s Expansion Pack – A returning pack from the first edition. This pack includes the customised T-65 X-Wing and UT-60 D U-Wing of Saw Gerrera’s freedom fighters. If you’re not Princess Leia, these might be your only hope.
  • Hound’s Tooth Expansion Pack – The preferred vehicle of the reptilian bounty hunter Bossk. This customised YV-666 light freighter also comes with his Z95-AF4 Headhunter for when you need more of a scalpel than a sledgehammer.

These packs also come with a variety of pilots, upgrades and quick builds for fast deployment.

3 More X-Wing Expansions

FFG also revealed three expansion packs during their report.

As the names suggest, these contain obstacles and hazards, upgrades and pilots. Some are available for the first time as standalone items, together with their relevant tokens and counters. In the first two expansions list above, you'll find environment cards. They allow you to add a little flavour to your set-up. Meanwhile, new ships and upgrades in Hot Shots allow for more fire in your force.

I’ve got a good feeling about this…

As you can see above, some of the new X-Wing expansions are already available to pre-order. Others will be added to our store in the coming weeks.