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WWE Heroclix Rundown


Wether you're a fan of heroclix, WWE or both, let's take a look at the new powers introduced by this franchise, how they work and how the WWE figures interact with the regular Heroclix game - as there may be some you will be seeing on the board at competitions if their dials are anything to go by.

Before I get into any of this, I just want to make it absolutely clear, these figures work the same as the current heroclix game and are 100% compatible, we just have some new powers and interactions.

If you only want to know how WWE heroclix work with the current game, then jump towards the end of the article, as first, we'll be listing the new powers and there uses.

So the WWE Pac is used when you’re solely using WWE figures, which has brought over 16 powers from the regular Heroclix game and added eight brand new standard powers. So far they’ve only added speed and attack powers, and the fact they’ve printed a PAC and starter with this means that’s all we’ll probably see for a while.

Powers and Abilities


We should start with the first power on the list, which is Flying Leap. Flying leap says POWER: For movement ignore hindering and characters. Move up to three squares then make a close attack, modifying attack +1. If this character started adjacent to 2+ ropes, also modify damage +1.

But what are ropes? Characters treat PRINTED hindering or blocking terrain as ropes. It has to be printed that’s important to note, so no adding some via smoke cloud or barrier.

This power is like a less nimble charge, which lets you move half your speed and attack, but with the added bonus of extra attack stats and in most cases some damage.

Let’s take a look at Slingshot next. Knock back, but you may choose the direction and can knock back characters that can use charge and combat reflexes. Free: Make a close attack targeting an adjacent character that this character knocked back this turn.

So this one works that you apply knock back to your attack and if they hit a Rope (again printed hindering or blocking) you can choose to modify there knock back path to continue back to you, and if they end adjacent you get a free attack. Very thematic but also an insanely powerful ability in heroclix games as the amount of time characters take advantage of blocking or hindering is unbelievable.

Next, Lightning Speed says POWER: Ignore characters for movement. Move up to three squares then make a close attack, then move up to two more squares. It’s similar to hyper-sonic speed, but not as fast, you don’t get to move as much which makes sense. I don’t think we’ll see Shawn Michaels outpace the Flash anytime soon.

Next, Nimble says Ignore hindering for movement, breakaway +2. Free: Move up to one square. It’s a slower but more effective sidestep, in that you can break away much easier, making your character harder to tie down.


That’s all our speed powers so onto attack starting with reversal. Adjacent opposing characters have breakaway -2. FREE: If this character has been given no actions or only a MOVE action this turn, make a close attack targeting a character that missed or failed to break away from this character since your last turn.

So this is one of my favourite of the abilities. It’s a way to tie up characters effectively like plasticity, but it has other uses too. You can make a FREE attack on characters that try to escape or attack you, I can see this being very effective on some characters.

Next is Slam. CLOSE: Make a close attack. After resolutions, choose one: Give a hit character an action token or place a hit character in a square adjacent to this character.

So this is disruption power, you can either token up people or you can mess with how they’re setup, moving a big hitter away from his taxi for example. Don’t underestimate how much of an effect that can have on a team and it's mobility.

Next up is Stun. When this character hits 1+ characters, a hit character modifies attack and damage -1 until your next turn. This one seems self explanatory but is bonkers. You get your regular attack which will probably knock them down a few clicks which means there stats will drop, then on top of that you're reducing their stats further. Fantastic power.

Next up our final attack power Submission. FREE: If this character hasn’t moved or been placed this turn deal 1 damage to target adjacent opposing character. Both characters gain immobile until your next turn.

So it’s a bad poison, in that you can do it to only one person, but it’s also a good poison in that you can give them immobile. You gain it too, but you’re not moving if you’re doing this anyway.

Multiverse Games

Those are all our new powers, but how do they interact once entering the main game? So once they cross over its technically called a Multiverse game, which make a few notable changes.

Any pac can be used for characters that let you choose a power for example, including those used only by opposing characters. Meaning if your opponent is using both PACs because he has a wrestler, you may choose to use one of his PACs.

Some niche rules in WWE involving indomitable are reverted back. Basically they couldn’t have their willpower outwitted in normal WWE games, but can in multiverse games. Normal heroclix rules apply, for wrestlers too.

And finally and most importantly is the WWE team ability. Which grants Bounce, Pin, WWE Rules and Grand Entrance, which is uncopyable.

Right let’s look at these. Bounce is the ability we spoke about before that treats hindering and blocking as ropes, which is only usable by the wrestlers.

Pin says FREE: choose an adjacent opposing character that’s on a blue click # or that this character hit with their signature move this turn. You both roll a d6, and if your result is higher deal that character one penetrating damage and repeat this process. If you opponent rolls a six (kick out), that character heals one click.

This is to simulate them pinning a character and is something only wrestlers can do, but it means pulling off a signature move is absolutely devastating and something you’ll want to do as often as you can.

Worth noting it is only usable against other wrestlers as the power says they need to be on a blue click and have the signature move done on them, blue clicks which only the wrestlers have.

Finally, the two most overpowered abilities brought to the table by wrestlers, first WWE Rules. This character can’t be the target of rang attacks or outwit if they’re on click one or a blue click, or if they’ve already been targeted by a range attack this turn. Protected: Pulse Wave.

Yes you read that right, you can’t range them most of their dial, and if you can its only one a turn, and that’s attacks, if you miss you can’t try again with someone else. You can’t outwit them similarly. Considering the majority of the meta game is heavily dependant on range attackers and heroclix in general, these throw a massive spanner in the works and I love it.

If that wasn’t powerful enough, they also get Grand Entrance. During your first turn, if this character is in your starting area, they have FREE: Move.

So first turn it’s not impossible for one of these guys to shoot across the map and stone cold stunner you the first turn if you’ve moved. Also a cool thing you can do with them is carry an item for another character, and you're not really hindering them because it's free.

There are a lot of silly combinations with these guys, and I can't wait to see what people come up with!