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What’s On Our Wishlist – May


Bridgerton Love Letter - Emma Hunt

At the moment, I am currently binging Bridgerton and I don’t know about you, but when I watch a TV series I am proper divulged into it. I don’t watch anything else and it’s all I can talk about. So, when I saw that there was a Bridgerton version of Love Letter, well, I immediately added it to my wishlist! It would be perfect for those Bridgerton themed summer parties I know a lot of you are hosting!

My Shelfie

I played My Shelfie for the first time at Airecon this year at the Lucky Duck stand and found it so therapeutic. I love games where you have to make patterns and this is just perfect! I love the plastic book shelves that come with it. It’s like you’re stacking items in your own little mini bookcase!

Final Girl

As a lover of all things horror, I feel like this is a game I need to divulge into. Final girls are the key element to a fantastic horror movie. So, why not play a game all about them? I like the fact that there is a vast range of genres covered in the different boxes. From poltergeists, slashers, masked murderers. This is the perfect game for horror movie lovers!

Village Green

I have played this game a few times with friends and just love the concept behind it. You play as rival gardeners competing to win the Village Green of the year competition. I’ve lived in a village for 30 years and it’s just brilliant. I love playing this with my friends and get properly into the villager roles.

Mists Over Carcassonne - Luke Pickles

Sometimes, a game comes out of absolutely nowhere and grabs your attention. It could be a new release, or just something your friend picked up at a convention and introduces to you, or it might be something you were vaguely aware of and recently felt the urge to find out more. That’s what happened to me this month. Generally, I feel like I’m getting to the point where my collection is kind of complete as it is. New games don’t always excite me enough to warrant picking it up myself, especially if I can play them at a convention or if someone else will pick it up instead.

What I tend to look for more is ways of improving and enhancing my current collection and the one that made its way to the top of the list this month is Mists over Carcassonne, the cooperative and standalone expansion to Carcassonne. The original game is an absolute classic and favourite of many a gamer, and so adding something new was always going to be a challenge. So naturally – ghosts.

In Mists Over Carcassonne, the usual tiles are supplemented with the addition of ghostly apparitions, who come and swarm the board, similarly to the disease cubes in Pandemic. If you manage to close an area with ghosts, you return them to the supply, so you have to manage the points scoring with the ever dwindling supply of ghost meeples.

I like a hard cooperative twist on my usually competitive games, just ask Unmatched Adventures. So I’m placing this expansion firmly on my wishlist. After all, my birthday is coming up soon…

Arcs - Seb Hawden

Arcs, by Leder Games, is due to hit people's doorsteps very soon. Coming from the same design and artwork team that brought you Root, it certainly looks like a cracker. It's also getting stocked by Zatu later this year I believe.

Ever since I read what Arcs was about I was intrigued. The first rumblings I heard were a space-faring 4x style game with a trick-taking-esque action selection mechanism. I love 4x games and I adore trick-taking. THIS THING SOUNDS LIKE IT WAS MADE FOR ME!

Anyway, I have since watched a few videos and backed it on Kickstarter. I have also watched it being played at UKGE and cannot wait for my copy to arrive. It looks juicy.

Arcs has you build ships, participate in battles and try to fulfil certain objectives. You also try to use your political power to gain new cards, capture the opponent's crew and beat them into being your war trophies. Will you conquer the galaxy? Will you build your armies and buildings to create an almighty force to be reckoned with? The choice is yours.

The trick-taking-esque action selection mechanic intrigues me. Choosing whether to follow suit, surpass or pivot garners how powerful your action is and how efficient your turn will be. Fascinating. Also, playing extra cards to seize the initiative, which is basically taking the first turn marker, which also seems quite important. Do you effectively lose 1 action this round to go first next time round? The more I learn about this game, the more it fascinates me.

Add to all this the fact you can build buildings, use different dice that have varying uses in combat and end-of-round goals that are selected by the cards you play in the action selection system and you have something that looks truly unique and utterly brilliant. I cannot wait to get my grubby mitts on this amazing-looking game. GIVE IT ME NOW!

Army of the Dead, a Zombicide game - David Ireland

When it comes to Zombicide, you can almost certainly count me in. For anyone not familiar, Zombicide is a game where players take on the role of survivors to complete missions against the hordes of the undead, controlled by the game. It is a cooperative where players need to work together, to complete whatever objectives are set and ultimately, survive!

I always get excited when more Zombicide content comes to the market. Army of the Dead is not quite there yet, but at time of writing, available to pre order. This standalone game is based on Zach Snyder’s 2021 movie, Army of the Dead. I’ve not seen the film (not even heard of it, truth be told) but I want to watch it now. Having read the synopsis, it would appear the players control an elite team of characters have to infiltrate a Zombie infested Las Vegas and get to that bank vault.

There are 10 missions in all which is quite a standard Zombicide approach to a set. The missions aiming to recreate the plot of the film and from what I gather some iconic moments. Having done a little more research and reading around it would appear the mechanics will differ a little as well from rule sets you may have previously played. The creators are always tinkering with the rules from set to set to create a different gaming experience with each version. This game appears no exception.

It has become quite common place for the creators to adapt Zombicide to popular culture. We’ve seen “The Boys”, “Monty Python”, and then probably most significantly Marvel Zombies as some of the many examples out there. Now we see another film adapted into a Zombicide board game and I now have another game on my Wishlist. I’d love to give this one a go.

River of Gold - Jacob Dunkley

I recently attended the UK Games Expo at the NEC in Birmingham, a huge sprawling expanse of stalls vying for my attention. I got to play a lot of games over the weekend and one set for release this summer I particularly enjoyed and has gone to the top of my wishlist and that is River of Gold.

River of Gold is the first new game in the Legend of the Five Rings universe for quite some time - I think since Battle For Rokugan. Unlike the card game or Battle for Rokugan, in River of Gold, you take the role of merchants, developing buildings along the river, moving your boat to claim goods, exchanging those goods for bonuses and moving along influence tracks.

I got to play through the whole of the first half of River of Gold at the expo and a couple of things really stood out to me. Firstly, the board and table presence are gorgeous, with the river and other sections of the board shimmering gold in the light with an embossed gold board. It looks fantastic! Secondly, it plays at a really quick pace, once you know the rules and what you are doing, turns move quickly, with a dice roll at the end of your turn so you can begin planning the next one.

I enjoyed the lack of direct conflict too, other than potentially vying for some of the same building spots as others this felt like quite a serene game which is not too complex but has good decisions to make. On your turn you take an action based on the roll of your die which can be modified, you can either move your boat that many spaces and claim resources based on where it lands, exchange goods that match one of the cards in your hand and claim the benefits or build in a region for coins matching the roll of the die.

River of Gold really caught my eye and was one of the games I was most looking forward to trying at the expo. It didn’t disappoint, with a beautiful board and art, quick turns and not too complex to learn, River of Gold is one to look out for!