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What’s on Game Pass? November 2021

game pass november feature

Initially, Game Pass was met with uncertainty. There had never been anything like it before and as is the case with anything new, it took a while to evolve into what it’s become.

Game Pass has redefined how gamers game and has set the tone for what the future of gaming holds. But what is Game Pass?

Game Pass is a subscription service, not unlike Netflix, Prime or Disney+. It costs £10.99 per month for ‘Ultimate’ and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. Microsoft are frequently offering new membership deals, as well as intermittent offers to existing subscribers.

What Do You Get?

‘What don’t you get?’ is probably a more apt expression of what Game Pass wants to achieve.

There are currently over 100 titles on Game Pass and new games are added every month. The subscription also includes Xbox Live Gold and EA Play. 

Any games made by Xbox Game Studios hit Game Pass on day one. That’s right, you will be able to play Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite for £1 as a new member. Additional perks include member discounts and redeemable in-game content.

What’s New?

Back 4 Blood

Left 4 Dead 3 has arrived and it’s been a long time coming. Team up with your friends online or play solo in this playful, often amusing take on the zombie apocalypse. Navigate dynamic levels and defend yourselves from hordes of zombies and special enemies.


Did you play Layers of Fear? How about Monstrum? Or maybe Amnesia? If you like survival horror games that focus on immersing you in a strange world, then Visage will appeal to you. Explore an ever-changing house, uncover what’s happened and remember, you need to get out. The perfect addition to Game Pass!

Echo Generation

A heartwarming take on Stranger Things. Echo Generation is a short turn-based RPG that uses an interesting ability system based on collecting comic books. A random event sees you go on an adventure to uncover the supernatural goings-on in Maple Town.

Ring of Pain

From the makers of Slay the Spire, Ring of Pain offers a neat evolution on their previous card dungeon crawler. It’s still as addictive and features a grimmer art style, which makes for a more enticing world.

Top Pick - The Procession to Calvary

The Procession to Calvary is a point and click adventure game. The story takes place at the beginning of the Renaissance; The Crusades are over and Heavenly Peter has claimed his Godhood.

You are to travel through a series of public domain Renaissance-era paintings with the goal of killing Heavenly Peter. An outstanding baroque soundscape will accompany you as you traverse the well-curated backdrops. If that’s not enough, the surreal black humour will surely keep you entertained throughout.

As far as indie titles go, this one’s worth a few hours of your time. Remember to add the playlist to your Spotify.

Be sure to head back in a month’s time to check out what’s new on Game Pass. Next month’s a big one.