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What’s on Game Pass? May 2022

game pass november feature

I suppose it would be wise to mention both NBA 2K22 and MLB The Show 22, but that would be too obvious.

Having the opportunity to play games that I wouldn’t usually play is the reason I enjoy Game Pass so much. Strangely, I don’t watch new films/series on Netflix or any other streaming service; instead, I tend to stick to what I know. 

Why then, do I install random titles I’ve never heard of on Game Pass? There’s far more content on streaming services, which means it makes sense to condense the watchlist into shows that I want to watch. The Game Pass library is decidedly smaller and features fewer must-play titles. Therefore, in order to get my money’s worth, I install and play everything, like hands that won’t stop using sanitiser.

Chinatown Detective Agency

A beguiling beginning is enough to put most players off. It’s slow, includes many a line of dialogue (much of which is waffle), and sets a scene that whilst interesting, isn’t enough on its own to urge a player on.

However, it was enough for me and play through the game I did. The setting is unabashedly dystopian, verging on cyberpunk — it seems there aren’t enough mega-corporations for full-on societal decline just yet — and takes the player on a journey through the decaying cities of the world. Is London here you ask? Of course it is. Play a noob Private Investigator whose first case has just walked through the door…

Weird West

This reminded me so much of OG Fallout; perhaps not the gameplay, but the feel of the world and of course, the dusty, sandy environment. The loquacious writing affects the intriguing atmosphere that the game tries to build. Initially, the gameplay feels excellent until it quickly doesn’t; enemies run at you head-on and proceed to shoot you in the face. That in itself is fine, they’re an enemy after all, but people don’t do that with guns because they get killed. What I mean to say is, the game displays poor AI. Overall, this can be a wonderful game if it receives a few fixes.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

I don’t need to talk at length about Turnip Boy; it’s a mini-RPG about a Turnip who hasn’t paid its taxes, and so is sent on errands to pay off its massive debt to Mayor Onion. Intertextuality and self-awareness abound in this cute, cosy adventure.


Are you recoiling from having completed Elden Ring four times already? Unsouled is yet another Soulslike that tries to replicate the addictive combat and mytho-medieval setting of its progenitor. The 2D action is fast-paced and the RPG elements of the game build an interesting world — one in which you even play as a Fallen Prince. Time and chain your attacks for maximum damage, or you’ll probably die.

Honourable Mention: Lost in Random

This week I’ve been playing a game called ANVIL: A top-down action roguelite that’s currently in Early Access. Check it out; see what you think.