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What’s on Game Pass? March 2022

game pass november feature

For Game Pass subscribers, the past few months have seen a cornucopia of excellent titles added to the library. That level of service was never going to be indefinite.

Maybe then, this is the perfect time for you to try something new. That, for me at least, is why I’m such an advocate of Game Pass.

Too frequently have I dismissed games simply because I didn’t like the look of them; let negative reviews make decisions for me, and rejected games based solely on the genre. This month, let’s all install and play a game that we don’t like the look of.

Here are my picks for March:

Madden NFL 22

The Super Bowl has not long passed so if American Football is your wheelhouse, Madden is sure to impress. Enhanced for Series X/S, you can expect sharper visuals, enhanced mechanics and EA’s all-new Dynamic Gameday.

Super Mega Baseball 3

Staying with American sports, Super Mega Baseball 3 is, you guessed it, a baseball game. However, that’s where the sports-related themes cease.

This is a surprisingly addictive game that features not only the sport of baseball (duh), but squad development and team creation. Playing this game often felt like I was playing a simulator or even an RPG where the emphasis is on gear and load-outs. Super Mega Baseball 3 has a lot of depth considering it’s ‘just a baseball game.’

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition

Already available on Game Pass, if you’ve never played ARK before, this enhanced bundle is the perfect introduction. ARK is a survival game set in an open-world sandbox, where players establish bases and fight for dominance, or team up to quell threats. One of the primary game mechanics is taming creatures; this includes dinosaurs and mythical beasts!

Edge of Eternity

Edge of Eternity, developed by Midgar Studios, is a love letter to the JRPGs of old. The writing is poor and the story is forced, and always verging on hyperbole. That said, beneath the excess and the scaffolding supporting it, there is an intriguing game.

The turn-based combat reimagines what has become a stale genre, and the soundtrack and inspired scenery provide a gorgeous backdrop to the passionately designed world. There’s a mystical quality to this game: even though I uninstalled it after the introduction, I reinstalled it later because I missed being in the world so much. Playing Edge of Eternity reminded me again that games don’t need to be anywhere near perfect to be enjoyed.

What Am I Playing: Sea of Thieves

As an on-off Pirate, I’ve been playing through Season 5 of Sea of Thieves. This is my first outing since Season 1, so I’ve been MIA for some time. I’ve been doing a lot of fishing, and some more fishing, and levelling up the various alliances with the intention of becoming a Pirate Legend (three years later).