News – Welcome to…heads to Las Vegas

Welcome to New Las Vegas Revealed

Welcome to Your Perfect Home, Welcome to.. for short, was the hit roll and write game of 2018. There were several positive reviews of the game, including our own from The Game Shelf. It was unique as it wasn't your typical roll and write. Rather, it was a flip and write game.

What it lacked in dice, it certainly made up for in gameplay however, with the innovative card system working well to deliver a great gaming experience! It is no surprise then that the hit game is finally getting a sequel.

Welcome to New Las Vegas

Welcome to New Las Vegas is the name of the new game. This transports players to the glitz and glamour of, you guessed it, Las Vegas! The aim of the game is to build and construct a casino complex and resort. You'll be using the same card-turning mechanic that you're familiar with from the previous game.

The scoring is done in the same way as well, with players completing to fill boxes, which in turn allow them to construct resorts, golf courses, limousines and more! Points are awarded to players who construct these items, transport their visitors around the city and provide entertainment to their guests. Like the original, players will also be battling to become the first person to complete public objectives.

An average game of Welcome to New Las Vegas is expected to last between 35-50 minutes, with an age rating of 10+ being given. Like the original game, the player count is given as 1-100 players! The new game features glowing artwork from Anne Heidsieck. Anne has previously worked on games such as Carcassonne Safari and Meeple War.

I am a massive fan of roll-and-writes at the moment and while the market for them is slightly saturated right now, the success of the first Welcome To…. is sure to carry over into this new title.

Coming Soon

We'd love to get our hands on Welcome to New Las Vegas right now. Unfortunately, we have a bit of a wait on our hands! The game isn't due to be released until 2020, with no specific month given as of yet. Keep your eyes on the Zatu Games website in the coming weeks, you never know when this title may be added!

Whilst you're waiting, players of the original game can now purchase the Neighborhood Expansion.