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Warhammer Bulletin: Heroes of Beta-Garmon


Welcome to another Warhammer Bulletin, taking a look each week at what’s gone up for pre-order in the Warhammer universe. The Horus Heresy expanded recently to include the Battle for Beta-Garmon and we are now getting some key miniatures to go along with that, plus some crucial reinforcements for Legions Imperialis.

Legions Imperialis

Legiones Astartes - Battle Group

A classic assortment of units comes to town, but rather smaller than we’re used to. The Legiones Astartes Battle Group brings a diverse selection of flexible units together to create a powerful army. Ideal for beginners or to expand an existing force.

This set includes…now take a second to absorb the sheer volume here…4 Kratos Heavy Tanks, 10 Rhino transports, 4 Leviathan Dreadnoughts, 4 Deredeo Dreadnoughts, 4 Rapier batteries, 4 Tarantulas, 2 Command Squads, 8 Tactical Legionary bases, 2 Terminator bases, 2 Assault Marine bases, 4 Support Legionary bases, 4 Contemptor Dreadnoughts, 4 Outrider bases, 6 Scimitar jetbike bases, 4 Javelins, and 4 Land Speeders.

Predator Squadron

Infantry is good, but sometimes the thing you need is armoured support. Now you can get a squadron of the iconic Predator tanks with either Predator cannons or twin-linked lascannons, plus heavy bolters or even more lascannons.

This set includes 6 tanks and a sheet of thousands of decals.

Solar Auxilia

Battle Group

Lets face it, Space Marines are all well and good but it’s the little guys who really get things done. A lot of the little guys to be precise. Like the other battle group going up for pre-order this week, this set contains a huge amount of miniatures, this time for the Solar Auxilia. Perfect for all comers, I must admit I’m tempted myself, (looks at unpainted miniatures shelf), perhaps next time.

This set includes, 2 Baneblade/Hellhammer super-heavy tanks, 12 Rapier batteries, 4 Cyclops remote bombs, 12 Tarantula sentry guns, 2 Legate Commander bases, 8 Auxiliary bases, 4 Veletarii bases, 4 Auxiliary bases with flamers, 4 Charonite Ogryn bases, 4 Aethon Heavy Sentinels, 6 Dracosan transport tanks, and 8 Leman Russ Strike tanks.

Leman Russ Strike Squadron

You can never have enough Leman Russ tanks. This is a fact of the universe. So why not add some more to help eradicate the enemy. They come with a choice of battle cannon or anti-tank Vanquisher cannon. They also include either a heavy bolter or lascannon on the hull.

This set includes 8 tanks.

Repackaged Miniatures

As they are now used in several games, but primarily now Legions Imperialis, some models have returned to stock in new packaging. Please note that unless they have been explicitly removed, they are still usable in their original games, such as Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis.

Cerastus Knights Acheron/Castigator

Warmaster Iconoclast Heavy Battle Titan

Acastus Knights Porphyrion

● Thunderbolt Fighter Squadron

● Fire Raptor Gunship Squadron

Xiphon Interceptor Squadron

Storm Eagle Squadron

● Civitas Imperialis

● Civitas Imperialis Spires

Horus Heresy

Shadrak Meduson, Master of the Shattered Legions

A tenacious survivor of the Drop Site Massacre, Shadrak Meduson and his Shattered Legions are a constant plague on the Warmaster’s forces.

This product is only available from the Warhammer web store.

Hibou Khan, Seeker of Atonement

As Jaghatai Khan stood on the fence in the ongoing conflict, forces within his own ranks plotted to force his hand. This included Hibou Khan who commanded the Brotherhood of the Dawn Sky. Eventually caught and redeemed through combat, he fought with a giant two-handed power sword and slew many traitors at Beta-Garmon.

This product is only available from the Warhammer web store.

Tybalt Marr, Captain of the 18th Company

While Shadrak led his Shattered Legions against the Warmaster, Tybalt Marr was tasked with hunting down their leader. He is a master of shock tactics and slew many Loyalists with his weapon, the Culling Blade.

This product is only available from the Warhammer web store.

‘Little’ Horus Aximand, Captain of the 5th Company

One of the Warmaster’s most devoted Captains, he served his gene-sire loyally throughout the Horus Heresy. He is a master duelist and is known to be able to survive terrible wounds.

This product is only available from the Warhammer web store.

Legiones Astartes Command Squads and Legiones Command Upgrade Set

Trusted Chosen veterans carrying the Legion’s colours form a command squad around Paetors and Centurions, defending their leaders to the bitter end. There are now two new Command Squad boxes, 5 Chosen in either MKVI or MKIII power armour.

For those that already have a surplus of MKVI and MKIII Tactical Marine bodies to hand, there is also an upgrade set you can buy to transform these.

These products are only available from the Warhammer web store.

Black Library

Once again the Black Library deems us worthy of it;s knowledge, this time even including an awesome map of the innermost ring of the Imperial Palace.

● Sanctum Imperialis Palatine Map (Games Workshop web store only)

War for the Mortal Realms (French and German Editions)

Echoes of Eternity (Paperback)


If you’re a fan of Warhammer+ content, there are a couple of interesting videos being added this week:

● Loremasters - Inductii - New Space Marine pressed into service on Beta-Garmon without as much training or experience.

● Citadel Masterclass - Painting freehand designs