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Warhammer Bulletin: Dawn of Chaos


Welcome to another Warhammer Bulletin, taking a look each week at what’s gone up for pre-order in the Warhammer universe. Chaos is the word of the week, and boy do they have a few nasty surprises in store. We are coming to the end of the Dawnbringer crusades as we approach the new edition of AoS, plus there is a wide range of made to order scenery available.

Age of Sigmar

Dawnbringers: Book VI – Hounds of Chaos

And so, the Dawnbringer crusades are coming to a close. It’s been an epic journey and at the end of it all, two cities hold fast against a spear of Chaos. Will they fall?

This book contains the warscroll for the infamous Abraxia, plus all the new Darkoath units and a Regiment of Renown. It also has lots of narrative rules, artwork, imagery, and lore. Something great to collect on its own if you like these units, or as part of the Dawnbringer set if you are following along.

Abraxia’s Varanspear

Abaraxia and her Varanguard are a truly terrifying sight to behold. Her stead in particular is awesomely monstrous. A fantastic figurehead to a Slaves to Darkness army.

The box contains Abraxia and 3 Varanguard.

Brand’s Oathbound

Brand’s Oathbound are the new Regiment of Renown, they may seem like basic fighters at first glance, but they are hiding a dark ferocity. They will stare down any foe and come out victorious.

The box contains 5 plastic miniatures and 3 warscrolls.

Darkoath Chieftain on Warsteed

You don’t get to become a Chieftain in a Darkoath tribe by being nice, or by not knowing how to ride a horse. This chieftain combines his horse riding skills and brutal fighting skills to butcher anyone in his path. They lead the charge into battle, screaming as they go.

The box contains a single plastic kit with 2 weapon options (axe or sword), 3 head options and 2 different bladed headpieces for the warsteed.

Darkoath Wilderfiend

You really wouldn’t want to bump into one of these hulking creatures on a dark night, and if you did you certainly wouldn’t live to talk about it. They hold a dark secret however, because these beasts used to be men. Champions who failed to upload their oath and so become mutated.

The box contains a single plastic kit with interchangeable neck, head, tusk, and horn options.

Darkoath Marauders

Sometimes you need skill, and sometimes you need a horde. The Marauders are where the horde comes in, they make up the bulk of the Darkoath fighting force. While many of them are experienced, their fury and numbers are what make them most effective.

The box contains 10 miniatures with various customisation options.

Darkoath Fellriders

Speed is a great ally in war, and while Fellriders travel light, they are extremely nimble. They raid enemy lines throwing javelins into large crowd of enemy soldiers before quickly moving away, ready to strike again.

The box contains 5 miniatures that can be equipped with either javelins or vicious blades. Plus there are a variety of customisation options.

Nexus Chaotica

Everyone loves a good shrine, and a shrine to the dark power is doubly as effective.It sits on the battlefield, sinister, corrupting the fabric of reality around it. Empowered allies and hindering enemies. Plus it looks fantastic.

Sekhar, Fang of Nulahmia

There is a snake….the character is just a bonus, the real prize here is that cool snake! Ok fine there is a rather ill looking ghoulish character as well. It makes sense she’s looking a bit worse for wear as she can fight for the Soulblight Gravelords, not the healthiest army in the Mortal Realms. Still, her and her pet snake are ready to really cause some damage.

Krethusa the Croneseer

Is it my birthday? First you get me a snake, then a raven? Very cool. And I’ll even give the characters points here because they appear to BE the raven, with a couple of raven buddies to help out. We all know ravens are wise, and this one is a sorceress that uses prophetic magic to help guide her kin to a better future.


Made to Order Scenery

If you are in the mood for some classic 40k scenery, there are some really good kits available Made to Order from Games Workshop. Personally I have a soft spot for the

Void Shield Generator, but the furnace and incinerator are really good if you want platforms.

● Void Shield Generator

● Thermic Plasma Regulators

● Haemotrope Reactor

● Ferratonic Furnace

● Alchomite Stack

● Sub-cloister and Storage Fane

● Conservators

● Pyrolation Incinerator

Blood Bowl

Jordell Freshbreeze

Another Star player is returning to Blood Bowl with a new elegant sculpt, Jordell Freshbreeze. All elves are fast and graceful, but Jordell takes things to a whole new level. He’ll be dancing around any and all his opponents and be off with the ball before the other team knows what's happened. His Wardancer skills are showcased in his new model as he stands in an artful pose with ribbons twirling round him. Definitely one that will impress on the tabletop.


The Lord of the Rings™ Quest to Mount Doom™ – a Middle-earth™ Adventure Game

A tale that never gets old, the quest to mount doom! Now you can play along with it in a new board game. In Quest to Mount Doom, 5 players compete against each other to secure the One Ring and destroy in the fires from whence it came. The game is easy to learn and suitable for all ages, and includes 9 detailed miniatures. Keep an eye out for where this shall be available in the near future.

Black Library

The doors to the Black Library open their doors to a few new books this week.

Darkoath: A Gunnar Brand Novel (Hardback) - A great companion to the models also releasing this week.

Realmslayer: Legend of the Doomseeker (Paperback) - The paperback version of the audiobook which brough Gotrek storming into the Mortal Realms. Always a great read.

Witchbringer (Paperback - German)

● Horus Heresy Omnibus XIV (Paperback - German)