VIDEO: Wingspan Unboxing

Wingspan Board Game Unboxing
Wingspan Board Game Unboxing

Wingspan is the upcoming release from Stonemaier Games, the publisher behind the ever-popular Scythe series. Unlike Scythe, and most other titles from Stonemaier, Wingspan has not been designed by Jamey Stegmaier. The game has been designed by a relative newcomer on the board game scene, Elizabeth Hargrave.

This game has been labelled as a "competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game" and features some of the best-looking components on the market today. There is something truly unique about Wingspan. Relative newcomers to the world of board gaming art, Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, look to have contributed some gorgeous art alongside the celebrated artist of many games, Beth Sobel.

Now, the game isn't due to be released until March and pre-orders are not yet open for the game. However, our very own Nick Welford (AKA Board Deck & Dice) was lucky enough to receive his copy of the game early. Nick is a member of the Stonemaier Champion Scheme, in-which members receive advanced, discounted delivery of the latest releases from the company.

In short, this means that we're able to show the game off to you all a little earlier than expected. Watch the unboxing video below to learn more about Wingspan, and to see all of its glorious components - including the brilliant dice tower.

Wingspan - Coming Soon

We hope to have Wingspan live on the store and available for pre-order in the coming days. Keep checking the website or follow our social media channels (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram) to ensure that you don't miss out, we're expecting this game to sell out rather quickly. To learn more about Wingspan take a look through our extensive preview.

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