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VIDEO: Treasure Island Unboxing

Treasure Island Unboxing

Treasure Island is based on the much-loved novel of the same name and has gone down a treat here at Zatu Games! The game has been published by Matagot and designed by Marc Paquien, and is essentially a 2-5 player game of hide.

One player will choose to take on the role of Long John Silver, whilst the remaining players take on the role of his pirate crew. Long John Silver buries his treasure, marking an X on his own player board, before the other players take it in turn to search out and discover the hidden prize.

Players move their miniatures around the central board drawing on their movement and searches with marker pens. As each turn passes by, more of the board is covered with drawings and markings of failed searches, each one adding to the ever-increasing tension of the hunt. Long John Silver serves up hints and clues that could help his crew strike gold or could leave them struggling to decipher which direction was true and which was actually a bluff.

Meanwhile, Silver is counting down the days to his escape on the 17th or 19th (depending on player count) day/turn, and praying that no one will find his treasure before the finally dramatic race for the finish, when Long John Silver gets the opportunity to hightail it to the hidden location and hopefully be the first to find TREASURE!

Treasure Island Unboxing

Treasure Island comes with beautifully themed components, including detailed miniatures, a cardboard treasure chest, wooden caliper and plastic compasses. You can take a closer look at these fantastic components by watching our unboxing video below - Presented to you by Andru of The Hair Game Lords.

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Like what you see in the video above? If you're ready to buy Treasure Island, it's available on our store right now. Alternatively, have a read of Andru's written review to learn more about the game.

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