VIDEO: Quadropolis Unboxing

Welcome to another one of our YouTube board game videos, where we present our Quadropolis unboxing!

Quadropolis is a tile placement game which sees players competing against each other to try and build the best city. Each player needs to add shops, parks, apartments, industry buildings and harbours to their city in order to win the game.

Some of these buildings will also require customers, residents or power supplies in order to be functional when it comes to scoring at the end of the game. Quadropolis lasts four rounds and can take between two and four players.

Certain layouts will result in more points, with some tiles around the board automatically receiving points when brought into play. Helpful tips will can be found on the cheat sheets included inside the box.

At the end of the game everybody adds up their scores and the player with the most points will be crowned the winner of the game!

You can find out a little bit more about the game by watching our Quadropolis Unboxing video below:

Build your Quadropolis

Ready to take on your friends and build the best city in Quadropolis? Well you're in luck because you can buy the Days of Wonder game right now on our online storeYou can also pre-order the brand-new expansion, called Public Services, which is due out in April.

Quadropolis: Public Services allows you to add buildings such as Police Stations, Maternity Wards and Reprocessing Plants to help decrease pollution in your city.

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