VIDEO: Blue Lagoon Unboxing

Blue Lagoon Video Unboxing

Blue Lagoon is a beautifully designed area control and set collection game from Blue Orange Games, the publisher behind hit titles Kingdomino and Queendomino. The game has a tropical island setting, and follows a group of explorers spreading out over the discovered archipelago.

The game has been designed by Reiner Knzia, with the bright and vibrant artwork coming from Tomasz Larek. Gameplay is split into two different phases; the exploration phase and the settlement phase. The overall aim of the game is to collect the resources scattered over the map by placing your tokens on top of them.

In the exploration phase you'll be able to place a new token anywhere on the board, as long as it touches either the lagoon or one of your previously played tokens. Then, in the settlement phase, the board is cleared, except for the villages, and you can now only expand from the villages you played in the exploration phase.

At the end of the two phases, players score points for the sets of resources they collected. The player with the most points is the winner of Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Unboxing

In his first video for our YouTube Channel, James from the Hairy Game Lords opens up the colourful box and takes a look inside Blue Lagoon. In the following video you'll all the components includes, including the colourful game board.

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