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Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Preview

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy

Ultimate Werewolf is a deduction game for 5-30 players split in to two teams: Villagers and Werewolves. It is based on the original Werewolf title from Bezier Games. The villagers are trying to identify the werewolves, whilst the werewolves are trying to hunt the villagers before they are discovered. A classic good guys vs. bad guys scenario.

Bezier Games have a new addition in the Werewolf series soon to be released (Aug 2018) which builds on the Ultimate Werewolf game by introducing a legacy aspect. As with most legacy games, events that take place in the first game have significant effects through the remaining games and the game changes and evolves depending on actions you take. Sometimes you can think you are doing the right thing until it comes back and bits you in the butt in the future.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy - The Game

In Ultimate Werewolf Legacy players are given a secret role card (as with Ultimate Werewolf) and an additional Family Card. Family members will team up with other members of their family in attempt to survive the werewolves that are hunting them. That is assuming that their are no traitors in the family plotting your downfall. Players now have the ability to earn special abilities that can be carried over to future games. No specific details have been given on the special abilities and it will be interesting to see how these affect the gameplay and what these abilities are.

Another legacy aspect to the game is the Village. The village itself will also change from game to game depending on the player's actions and outcome of each game. The game will take many different twists and turns with multiple paths available resulting in a lot of replay-ability. Again, no specific details have been given on how the village changes, so no spoilers. It will be up to the players to discover these along the way, which is the fun of the legacy game.

Credit: Bezier Games

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy comes with a 80+ page diary which guides the players through the sessions. The diary has five chapters with three game sessions in each chapter as well as a introductory session, making a total of 16 gaming sessions. I think this is a fairly decent length for this type of legacy game.

With the multiple routes and paths that the village can take it means that even though it is a legacy game, there appears to be a fair amount of replay-ability. At the end of the campaign the diary forms a record of what happened in the village. Bezier games are also offering "Replay" packs with new Family cards and a fresh diary so that the game can be played through the campaign again. The fact that the replay packs come with new Family Cards suggests that this are altered as part of the legacy as well. It is not clear how but again another interesting aspect of the game that I am sure will be come clear as the game unfolds and the story is told.

The werewolf series has been around for a long time and has various different incarnations and twists on the gameplay. It is popular with a wide audience from casual games at the end of the night to more serious competitionsat conventions. The Werewolf series is obviously doing well. It is nice to see Bezier games adding the legacy aspect to this game and it will be interesting to see how this works.

If you are fan of deduction games, werewolves and have a large group of gamers that can commit, this is a game to keep an eye on. I can imagine this becoming a regular game at many board game club nights. I have played Werwolves a few times and it has always been a good laugh. The legacy aspect can only add to this.