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UK Games Expo 2017 Preview: Part Two

The UK Games Expo 2017 is now only a few days away! If you don’t know what the UKGE is (where have you been?) then it’s the UK’s biggest convention based around the games we know and love plus ones coming out in the future.

Following on from part one of our UKGE preview, we now take a look at some more designers and publishers who will be attending this year's event.

GCT Studios - The Pioneers Program

At GCT Studios we love to return each year to the UK Games Expo, it’s a special show to us as we launched our company here. Since those days with only our fantasy skirmish game Bushido on show, we have seen it grow and grow with a fantastic range of incredible miniatures.

The Bushido Grand Masters tournament will also be held once again at the Expo. This year we will also be bringing board games with us. We expect the final few copies of Rise of the Kage to sell out quickly as well as The Pioneers Program.

Tristan - Gloom of Kilforth

Hi, I’m Tristan Hall, designer of Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game. This is my seventh(?) year at UK Games Expo, but my first year as an exhibitor for Hall or Nothing Productions.

We are absolutely delighted to be finally debuting Gloom of Kilforth, which has been many years in the making, but also previewing our exciting new 1-2 player history-based card game ‘1066, Tears to Many Mothers’, which will be hitting Kickstarter in June.

Tom - Stak Bots

Hi, I’m Tom Norfolk. You may remember me from such games as Stak Bots and er… a couple more expansions of Stak Bots!

This will be our 5th year at the expo and we’re bringing something new to the table; a colourful take on a classic, Colour Chess adds a devilish dimension where you exert influence over half of your opponent’s moves in the game using the coloured board to force movements and trap pieces.

Playable on the same board is Lure, a stand-alone game of manoeuvring, capture and sacrifice. Featuring tonnes of variations with endless replay-ability, it covers the strategic gamut from kids through to champions. Come along to the stand and we’ll teach you to play in seconds (or just come and say hi). Yes we will also have the Red Stak Bots set. See you there!

One Free Elephant

We are One Free Elephant and we make games for families and people who want to see meeples eaten by horribly betentacled monstrosities. So far there's not much overlap, but hey, we're new! We are husband and wife who are an ex-video games designer turned lecturer and a professional project manager. This will be our first year exhibiting at the UK Games Expo.

We've got two games for you: ORE-SOME!, our cheeky family resource gathering game set in a Wild West mine and Carcosa, a tile-laying area-control game of Lovecraftian Cults and madness. Come along to Stand D20 and say hi!

BadCat Games

The crew at BadCatGames always have UKGE at the top of their MustDo list but this year is our first to be exhibiting – presenting our first two games:

ElemenZ (a dice game of duelling alien shamans) and Gladiatores Blood for Roses (a fast-paced combat and betting game for aspiring warriors).

ElemenZ has as much focus on ‘energy management’ as it does on ‘dice rolling’ and will be LIVE on Kickstarter during the Expo; while Gladiatores is due to launch in the autumn. Get hands on experience trying out both games at stand J19 and win prizes!!